Friday, August 04, 2017

End of the Week...

It's hard to describe the end of this week.
A full last few days.
I am going out to PT to regain strength and 
full use of my foot/ankle.  
It's going well so far.
Today, late afternoon, I was finally able to 
de-clutter and change the tablecloth that was up for months, 
the lace one that I use normally only for the 40 days of Pascha.
The one that is on now, for the first time,
was one that was in Patrick's house and I love it; it was
one that was not chosen by others at church and it goes
perfectly with the beautiful table runner that my quilting-friend
 made for my 40th birthday.
It's a pretty runner, hey? :)
I had a real bummer realization today.
Because I will have the boot for the rest of this month, until early September,
after labour day weekend,
and I am not to walk without it, 
there's no way for me, practically speaking, to go swimming in 
our local pool at all this summer.
The pool only being open Memorial Day through Labour Day.
Now that made me feel like I really missed
 out on pretty much the whole summer.
The one thing I love the most about summer here, poof, gone.
Well. Nothing to do about it but move on, right?
So I hope to be getting a shoe lift as the air cast is a good 1 inch
higher than my shoe.  
It makes for really bad walking and I can tell will be even worse
for my over all body alignment, so can't wait to get what I hope 
will solve this problem.
One person suggested I just wear a 'platform' shoe on the other
side, but um, one I can't wear heels at any time and
that would me more likely to cause me to fall, again.
Great news is that PT is in part going to help me
avoid falling. So that's good.
I was telling something to Mr Husband about a concern I 
have and all of a sudden he got this look on his face,
I was not sure if it was sad or happy, I was having a hard 
time reading his expression,
and then I realized it was a
mixture of happy/surprise because my 
concern, he realized, was because I care about him
and love him; not that he does not know that I love him
but somehow my articulation touched him.
That was pretty much the best moment of today.
I am super glad that I finally got the coffee table,
dining room table and kitchen counters cleared today.
The mess was depressing me to say the least and I was so 
glad to get the table washed and new table cloth on.
Next, since I put away the Pascha cards that were still on our 
buffet, and a bunch of egg cups, tomorrow or soon, anyway,
I hope to put away the Pascha icons that I could not 
do anything about when Pentecost came, as I was 
still pretty much on bed rest as I was 'non-weight bearing' then.
I am so glad to be past that now. 
I am starting to have moments where I am standing up
and not aware that I am standing, as in it does not 
immediately send shock and pain waves up or even
abrupt discomfort. 
I still have a way to go; so different than my first break,
where I had no PT.  
I am so glad I do, as I can see how stiff my foot and ankle are,
and how glad I am to have this care.
While I am really glad that I was able to do that blitz cleaning,
my foot was quite sore afterwards/by the end.
Thankfully I understand that it is the muscles that hurt 
and the actual break rarely hurts itself.
So Cleo is at least 14 years old now, going on 15.
She's an old lady. 
She is more picky, sleeps more, does not always hear things like she 
used to; but yet in ways she is more able to adapt to things,
like when she is on my chair back, and I am sitting there,
and need to move forward, she actually has learned how
to grip the chair top in a way that she does not fall off!
Whenever I have tea with milk she knows that it is the milk
carton that came out or if there is milk in the creamer.
She's so funny. 
I wish she could live forever, but I know that is not the case.
I am going to miss her like crazy when she goes;
she gives me so much joy, just being there.
I just hope she does not have a decline that includes lots of 
worsening in behaviour.
I feel more aware of the time flying by and that one day
my delightful Cleo Cat won't be by my side anymore.
Meanwhile, I try to enjoy every minute of having her....
And so ends another week...


Anonymous said...

I love reading your updates. I am so glad that you are able to be up a little bit. I am sorry that you won't be able to swim this summer. Your cat is precious. I am also very attached to our two cats and cannot imagine life without them. I would love to hear how you like that Fika book. Many blessings.

Pom Pom said...

I have not been to the pool and I have no excuse. I've thought about going by myself, taking my float noodle and only dipping in when it's "adult swim" but I don't know if I have the nerve. Isn't that silly? I go other places alone, but going to the pool alone seems so obvious and not private that it makes me nervous. Maybe when Bill is out of town I will go and just stay one hour (or more if I want to). It could be a little artist date because there are always lots of people to observe and I absolutely love floating in pools.
Cleo is so cute. Aren't cats so wonderful?
Be careful with your foot. I think the lift is a good idea.
The tablecloth/table runner look nice! I love changing tablecloths. Tablecloths aren't practical when we have grandchildren eating at our family table but I still like to iron cloths and lay tables.
Have a great weekend, Elizabeth!

shoreacres said...

My beloved cat, named Dixie Rose, also is getting on in years. She's fifteen now, and clearly beginning to have some problems: arthritis, not so sure on her feet, and so on. Her appetite is waning, and she's losing some weight -- although, I must say, that's all to the good! We do love them, and when I think of not having her it grieves me. But, she too is in God's care, so I will trust Him for her, too.

Rachel said...

Your table runner is quite lovely! I am sorry to hear that you won't be able to swim in your local poor and pray for your continued health! I am not a swimmer myself...I prefer to be at the poolside or on the shore. Perhaps you could go and dip a toe in? I love those little moments with my significant other--they really stick in my memory and stay with me. Cleo is so beautiful and sounds very funny! I've had a family cat that has lived until 22! They're such wonderful pets.

Lisa said...

I think of that with Dolly, although she is doing very well. Maybe now that you're up and about, you can come over here and put away the Christmas cards that are still on the spare room bed? (I just leave them, because it's never the most pressing thing that needs to be done.) :D

Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth,

It sounds like you are making some good progress and hopefully it won't be that much longer before you can do whatever you please. I am sure it feels great to be able to get things all put away and ready for the next season. It's interesting how just a few little touches, like your table cloth and runner, can just make everything feel fresh. Your Cleo is certainly a beautiful kitty and I hope you will still have a long time to enjoy her company.

Tracy said...

So good to catch up with you, Elizabeth! And I'm so glad you've been about to be up and about more, and do more. It can be a lot though, so do take good care... So sorry you won't able to swimming for some while yet. How lovely is your quilted table runner!! I love table linens. We usually have a tablecloth in the dining room all the time, and a table runner or other on the coffee table. I'm a textile nut, so I try not to shop for much, or sew too much... ;) Sweet Cleo...she is sooo beautiful! It is hard to see the small changes as our pets grow older. They such big part of our family, part of our hearts. We can only enjoy the time with them as long as possible. Though we have our little Luna now, and it's so much fun having a younger cat, we think about and talk about our old cat Charlie every day. He's still with us in so many ways. :) God bless you & yours and may He keep you tenderly in His loving care... ((HUGS))

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What a shame about your swimming :-(
So much of your post was filled with positives; have I ever told you that reading your blog brings me joy? Not to mention I love seeing all your glorious photos.