Wednesday, August 30, 2017

gems within the day

Last night's dinner and rain drops on roses;
a tea that Tracy sent me last Easter...
Making more vanilla...
Cleo always thinks my chair is her chair
and is ready to eat whatever it is I am making... ;) 
I did three more rows of sewing!
The picture of the part of the finished top I did months (and months)
ago, but took a picture of it to show you where my sewing
will lead to...
Dinner tonight was simple:
baked potato ~ Indian junk food ~ green salad ~ some cashew nuts ~ tea & water.
PT is still going well... 
I am eager to get out again and start being more active.
Lots of good things and I already have tea set out for tomorrow
and DV a plan to have this for lunch:
a toasted English muffin ~ fried egg ~ heirloom tomato ~ cheddar slice
and I have so much to be thankful for.
Yet, my heart feels burdened with many things and I find myself
fighting a sense of sadness.
Well, I will continue to pray, to hope, to read books that have light in them,
to make my home as good as I can and am planning on 
more cooking and baking in my near future, DV.
Groceries have already been ordered and are coming on Friday...
So, so much to be thankful for 
and I know it is thanksgiving that will get me though
the times that are, well, just harder to go through in time.


shoreacres said...

I've been thinking of you over the past days. I'm in the Houston area, and wasn't able to leave my house from Friday-Wednesday because of the flooding. By about Sunday, I'd had enough, and cabin fever was setting in. I have a whole new appreciation for what you've been through, and I'm filled with admiration for how well you've handled it -- despite the quite natural frustrations. I suspect you did feel as though you'd been jailed from time to time. I hope that's beginning to really ease, now, and that every day brings more freedom!

The sun is shining here now, and the floods are ebbing in my neighborhood. It is so good to see the sun!

Paula said...

The quilt top is very pretty. I'm not really that into reds, but that combination is so pretty I might have to change my mind :) Tim loves my seat on the chesterfield. He usually sits on the back (watching out the window) but as soon as I get up you hear the 'thump' as he jumps down to make himself comfy.

It's so good to be able to get out and about again. I bet it's a load of Mr. Husband's mind too. It's so hard on them when we are laid up.

Elizabethd said...

How lovely your quilt top looks. Your god daughter will be delighted with it, I'm sure.

Tracy said...

Such to see the tea...hope you enjoyed! :) And how lovely your table set for dinner. I always so much enjoy seeing your tablescapes! Your lunch of English muffin, egg, tomato and cheese sounds sooo good! Our little fur-girl is the same way--she thinks much of what is "mine" is hers--chairs especially! ;) Your quilt top is just such a happy piece. I like the reds, pinks and rosy colors. You've been through so much, I'm sure feelings and sensations will wobbly a while still... May God Bless you with continued strength of body and spirit! ((LOVE & HUGS))