Tuesday, August 01, 2017

A Quiet Tuesday

I had a quiet day.
A phone meeting in the afternoon; 
morning breakfast and tea afterwards, with
a later lunch.
I had the left over tea treats in late afternoon
and lit one of the candles that my quilting friend left with me,
as candles do not move that well!
I really liked the last line of the verse (in a paraphrased 
translation) on the old flip calendar I have.
My Husband came home and said that I had 
a present come in the mail!
So unexpected!
From my friend A in Romania!
The 3 candelabra is so beautiful!
A and I used to have times where we would meet
to pray together and she got me this 
candelabra in memory of these special times 
we had together in Ottawa, before she moved back
to Romania and I to NJ after Mr Husband and I got married. 
It as so special to get this today, when I was just
saying goodbye to my local dear quilting friend.
God is so full of kindness and I hope I always have my eyes
open to see the many many ways He shows His kindness
to me, that I will store up a well of memories of 
God's mercy and kindness that is shown often on the exact
day that I am in need of it. 


Pom Pom said...

Hi Elizabeth! Your words about your friendships are very dear.

Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth, God is good, isn't he? "What a friend we have in Jesus'. I was noticing all the lovely colors in your photo today, reds, greens, yellows and purples. Thanking God for eyes to see.

Lisa said...

So nice to be remembered, especially from a faraway friend. :)