Tuesday, June 23, 2015

{celebrating moments in life} ~Kindness of Mr. Husband & My Godson

The other day Mr. Husband and I cabbed home
together after meeting at the farmer's market:
he bought me three roses. :)

The other day my sister-friend and I were
video chatting and I talked with my godson
for a bit too.
He's four; he said after a bit to his Mom:
Mom, now is the time I can play,
and so got down to go play.
(He loves Thomas the Train Engine;
you should of saw earlier this year when I gave him
some of the DVDs featuring Thomas and
his eyes got all BIG and happy
at this unexpected gift. :) )...
I have a feeling he was off to play with a train,
or maybe the swords that his Mother bought 
for these 3 munchkins for Christmas from
Mr. Husband and I...
Just before my godson went off to play,
I had just been telling him about how I held him as 
a baby when he was baptised and how I held him
His comment to that was of course,
I am a big boy now and go to Communion By My Self ;)...
As he went to play,
I told him that I loved him
and he said,
I love you too and went off to play.
It was so special! 
The first time he said he loved me.
His Mom and I both knew it and were so happy for that
dear moment.
I am already dreaming of a quilt I hope to make for him,
featuring Thomas the Tank Engine...!!! :)