Tuesday, June 23, 2015

{My Goddaughter's Quilt} ~ making ends meet

I had sewing the first two rows for the first two sections.
But the one row in particular was 
off centre ~ some would say 
not on point.
So what to do?
I asked my quilting instructor.
Basically I needed to stretch the fabric to be 
in line with each other on the seam
and pin it together (pin like crazy as it were)
when it is all lined up.

Then I had my first experience with my machine
doing something wrong ~ 
it kept bunching up and the fabric was going under the metal plate,
by the metal 'feed dogs' that are under the presser foot.
(The presser foot is that 'thing' that the needle goes through
and that is clamped down on top of the fabric to keep
it from moving;
feed dogs are the sharp things directly under the 
presser foot on the metal plate
that help move the fabric)...
I called my Quilting Friend for help! 
She had me to
do three simple things:
1. turn the machine off and back on
2. re-thread the bobbin
3. re-thread the needle
She quickly explained that a lot of problems can be solved by 
doing these three things. :)
It worked perfectly again after that ~ both the needle and bobbin
needed that re-threading, I could tell once I looked at them!

I was having a hard time getting the seam
above matched up correctly;
one of my friends was over for dinner
and she told me a trick she learned from her Aunt:
sew a bit of thread in the centre of the seam
to keep it there so that it does 
not move when sewing it...
(as you can see I had it pinned already, which
is usually all it needs)
this little trick did the job! 
Three green thread above shows you where I did this;
I hand sewed this loosely so afterwards
I could just pull out the thread.

Now these two sections are perfectly matched up!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Well done for getting that hiccup sorted!

Lisa said...

I am impressed AND thankful as I learned something new today through your teachers! Thanks for sharing their tips with us! And, congrats and that neat and tidy seam!
xo Lisa