Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Yarn Along ~ New Many Coloured Blanket

I am making a new multicoloured
The first one I made is still very much loved!
I am going to give this one, if all goes well,
to the three brothers in Ottawa,
of whom my godson is the youngest.
Ravelry here.

I am also working on the beginnings of a simple
quilt for my godson.
I will be seeing his Mother in August D.V. and
hope to bring this with me
so it is ready for Christmas...
(the savings on shipping will be substantial!) 
I hope to be at quilt class again today 
and get some ideas on how to do this quilt top!
My godson loves Thomas the Tank Engine
and I am excited to use this fabric! 
As for reading, 
I am on a real Little House on the Prairie kick
right now (first time reading them!)
and just finished Farmer Boy.
The themes of patience, obedience, not speaking quickly,
and hard work... not to mention what an intact
family looks like, and learning lots about how
farming used to be done,
it was such a delightful read!
What are you reading and creating? 
Yarn Along with us! 


karen said...

holiday knitting? oh my! Love the idea of a scrap blanket and my son loved thomas the tank engine way back when!

Jayne M said...

The projects look great. I love the Little House books.

Gill - That British Woman said...

love the Little House books, haven't read them in years.

Lisa said...

I am a huge Little House fan, Elizabeth! We've read them so many times as a family and even visited Laura's Rocky Ridge Farm in Missouri two summers ago. :) I think Farmer Boy was always our family's favorite of the series -- enjoy!!
xo Lisa

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

All the Little House series are super, but I loved Farmer Boy greatly, especially the accident with the wallpaper in the best room ;-)

My Simple Life said...

hello elizabeth
i am a big little house fan. i have all the favorite of the series is the long winter. your projects look wonderful.
blessings regina

October Rose said...

Your reading matches your knitting! :)

Cathy said...

Reading favorite childhood books never fails to give me delight. Please do not forget to show us your completed blanket.