Friday, June 19, 2015

{May 2015: my parent's visit} ~ the day they left...

We had a nice breakfast together...
and then my parents gave my husband a ride to work,
as the PATH signalling was down,
(I think somehow this happened last year too),
and we got the last pictures before we went...

I felt their absence keenly,
seeing my Mom's coffee mug from that morning... 

The rest of the morning and day I spent quietly, 
cleaning and also painting a card for 

I am grateful for the many
people who make up my days and my life.... 
and for the wonderful second annual May visit of my parents!

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Lisa said...

Thanks for the encouraging words and prayers for my AnnaLynn, Elizabeth! She's doing much better, but we still covet your prayers for her continued improvement. :)
That solo coffee mug photo makes me think back to when our older kids married and moved out... missing the ones we love is such a good reminder of the Father's love for us and makes us appreciate the time we do get to spend with our loved ones.
Blessings to you!
xo Lisa