Friday, June 05, 2015

{May 2015: my parent's visit} ~ Laundry room 'Makeover'

When I was taking pictures of the
new shelves in our small laundry room,
which I just LOVE having ensuite,
I could not help but think of my friend 
S. in Australia who when she saw
my laundry room in person
just loved it.
It is such a blessing to have this little
room in our home and
now with the new wall of shelving plus
more up top, it's even better.
I am so thankful for my Dad and Mr. Husband 
for installing all of these and for my beloved Husband for
measuring and ordering all of them!
PS: you may have noticed I have enough
dish soap to open a small grocery store... ;)
I used to have these all under the sink and once
when there was a great sale, I stocked up,
not realizing I had some already hidden in the very back
of the over-full cupboard! 
Now with the more open shelves in the laundry room,
I can quickly see what we have and 
stock up accordingly! :)


Paula said...

Lucky you! With the house being over 100, you can imagine the dungeon I have to work in downstairs :) I actually enjoy laundry and a little room like yours would make it even more enjoyable. Did you ever see Martha Stewart's laundry room when she bought the old farm? Oh my!! It's from the Victorian heyday of laundry staff. It's a beautiful sight

elizabeth said...

Paula, WOW, what a laundry room Martha has! If I were to have my 'prefect laundry room' it would be roomy,have room for dry racks, shelves, a porcelain sink and ironing area. But really, I am so happy with what I have!! If I could change two things in my current place, which both are impossible, but... I would have a window over the kitchen sink and a bigger entry way. Well OK if one more impossible thing, a room for Mr. Husband to have all this toy soldiers ;)

Paula said...

I know what you mean, I would love a window at the sink. Had one at home and MIL (across the road) has one too. Makes hand washing (which is what I do) so much nicer. Ah, the man cave. Yes, I wish we had a room for Colin to get his trains out again. Though on the other hand I don't because I know he wouldn't let Ella play :)

elizabeth said...

Paula, yes, oh for a kitchen sink! they are just so cheery! Yep, the man cave indeed. My beloved Husband has to share his office with me, though it is over 75% his... :) I would love a room for him, a craft room for me but really, we are doing just fine! Contentment, so needed, important...

I think Mr. Husband's best toy soldiers would not be for kids to play with either!

Come Away With Me said...

Your laundry room is so beautifully organized! Makes me want to get busy and spruce up mine; it could use a little bit of organization and a fresh coat of paint.

E Helena E said...

Order always seems to bring peace and harmony. This is great!

steph said...

WOW. My laundry room was converted from a 'bedroom' which was created by enclosing a part of the porch....many years ago. It also has to double as the pantry and storage....and it itty bitty. Your setup is a dream come true!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

A laundry room is positively wonderful!