Monday, June 08, 2015

About today....

Yesterday Mr. Husband and I went on a short walk
and saw berries growing... 

 We have no green space where we live,
other than this little square.
I want flowers in it but there
is concern also for the tree roots...
I really do hope for some pretty flowers 
or something to make our condo lovely 
inside and out!

We and others had some icons blessed yesterday...
The Guardian Angel Icon 
and the Christ the Good Shepherd,
St. Elizabeth and the Protection of the Mother of God
were all from my trip to St. Tikhon's.

This small icon is of
Given, newly blessed, to a couple moving back to PA 
after being with our church for a year.
The wife knits and sews and I am going
to miss her kindness, talking shop and just her 
presence with us,
her beautiful knit blue sweater and long blue skirt...
I watched this video on Lisa's suggestion
and WOW. very worth watching.
Beautiful women, working to unravel clothes
from the West where they were so often so easily discarded.
They are unravelled and made into yarn and then woven
into blankets and sent back to the West...
Really caught my attention; 
I have bought new clothes and will be giving
away a bunch to charity...
For me I found what one of my first bosses' told me to be true:
as we age our metabolism changes and well,
many of the clothes I had simple don't fit anymore.
I try, when I buy new clothes, to pray for
the hands that made the clothes, 
quite often, even normally, in other countries...
now I think it would be good if I just prayed for them daily upon 
getting into the clothes...
such beautiful people,
such beauty amidst poverty and the shining sun...
I find there is so much irony in life;
that video; they were poor, but look at their smiles and their
beautiful clothes and children;
so much beauty in the midst of it all.
The same day I see this video,
I find out about clothes that I may need to get....
I am going to a wedding later this summer DV.
I hear the dress code is fancy.
I am so not fancy, not really.
I like long skirts and quiet ways and words.
So, not sure what to do in finding something that
I can wear to more than 1 event...
long, dressy, flowy, beautiful and reusable....
Meanwhile, I am watching quilting videos, including these two.


karen said...

I would think any kind of flowers would be okay in that little space. Do flowers burrow their roots as deep as a tree? Love your newly blessed icons :)

elizabeth said...

Karen ~ thanks! I need to find this out - Mr. Husband was concerned as you can't add a lot of new dirt to a tree trunk from what he had been told... I am a very novice gardener!

Lisa said...

Yes, they were content, it seemed to me. And, it didn't say whether the husband was working any more. The women took such care with their appearance - the whole thing amazed me.

Apseed I said...

Thank you for sharing this incredible video!! It was so interesting and thought provoking!