Monday, June 15, 2015

{May 2015: my parent's visit} ~ 9/11 Memorial Museum and Dinner afterwards

Two pools with names of those who perished in 9/11.
Ground Zero.

This was the plaque showing the story of the 
building of the twin towers before
they were destroyed. 

Fire truck...

My Mother wanted to visit ground zero and the memorial museum. 
And so we went, my Dad, Mom and myself, after we had 
an enjoyable lunch with Mr. Husband...
It was an intense experience as you hear phone messages
of people on the planes,
read, look and watch.
It's amazing that the construction was so good for the twin towers that
they crumbled inside instead of toppling.
Still, so much lost, so much destroyed.
I had not realized either that only a small percentage 
(of course still tragic and in the 1000s) of the people died 
in this attack....
I realized on a new level how this attack was so much,
in effect, like a bombing... 
It was well done, intense as I said; my parents and I got separated in the crowd and 
unbeknownst me, my parents were waiting for me for over 20 minutes when I was 
still finding new nooks in the historical section of the museum.
By the end I was looking for them a lot and it was a while before I figured out how to get
out of that section of the museum and immediately saw my Dad... :)
I must say that I was sad that when I heard and watched the bit on the 
planes in the Pentagon that the man who helped
the plane land elsewhere, and who I have known said the
I wish Christianity was not being taken so far away
from the public sphere. 
After this we ended up going home as we had a
plumbing-water-running-when-it-should-not-be issue.
My Dad fixed it in short order and our neighbour had
kindly turned off the water meanwhile.
We went to the diner for dinner,
and as it was not a fast day or during a fast,
I got a hamburger and milk shake and fries.
I felt I needed something substantial after
that museum! 

Sorry for the middle of the Apostle's Fast
blogging about food we are abstaining from
for a duration of time!

I must say that our local diner has the best
milk shakes around here.
I may keep searching but really,
I am quite satisfied. :)
And the diner always gives so much food that we
have left overs for later!


October Rose said...

Mmmm, that shake does indeed look quite satisfying!

I think the last time I was in NYC they were still building the memorial. I remember it was when I was pregnant with Michael, so that would make it 2012. We did walk by the site though. I would like to visit New York again, but I don't think it would be an easy trip to do with children.

elizabeth said...

I must say I am looking forward to having another one in July! :)

Maybe when your kids are a bit older it will be easier to visit NYC again. Let me know if you do go, as I would love to meet you in person!

Apseed I said...

I'm sure that place truly encourages people to reflect on the event. And I agree with you that people use Christianity only when it's suits them.

karen said...

we did that museum when we were in NYC and it was sobering. I remember everything clearly so it was interesting to see what they placed in the museum. I thought the two water features outside were beautiful.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The museum visit sounds sobering indeed but extremely interesting.