Tuesday, June 02, 2015

{May 2015: my parent's visit} ~ first day ~ Ascension

My parents drove from MI to NJ to see us,
arriving the night of Ascension. 
That day Mr. Husband and I went to liturgy,
then home for a festive lunch,
with desserts given out at church for a lovely 
church woman's father who has departed this life.
Then a trip to lowes, 
looking at shelves, lighting, and closet shelving.
I worked on knitting wash clothes and we got back home
just minutes before my parents did.
After unloading my parent's belongings,
we all went to our favourite dinner for dinner.
It was a wonderful day.


Paula said...

How nice they could come for a visit. I couldn't imagine living that far from mom. It was hard enough when I was away at Western and mom was home in Bowmanville. But she often came out for the weekend.

October Rose said...

I love trips to Lowes! :)

How wonderful to have your parents! We made a similar drive many times when I was growing up in MI to visit my grandparents near Philly. :)

elizabeth said...

Paula, My Mom lived away from her Mom and I started at age 16 by working away for the summer. However, I call my Mom usually at least once/day so that makes it easier. She's one of my closest friends now!

Oct Rose ~ Me too, Lowes is great! Neat about the drive! where in MI did you grow up??? (I grew up in West MI myself)...

T.J. said...

How fun to have your family so close for a while!! Enjoy every second:) My parents are coming up next weekend from Pennsylvania to be with us as we celebrate bear completing his kindergarten year. I love my Mom and Dad!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What a blessing!

karen said...

I'm so happy you had your family with you for a visit :)