Monday, June 22, 2015

{Fast Food ~ vegan} ~ a fast hot dish + smoothie and solidified liquid sunshine

Sauteed in extra virgin olive oil:
~baby bok choy
~baby tomatoes
~clams drained from small can
Cooked: rice noodles 

Mix through and serve!

New fave Smoothie: *strawberry, *banana, yogurt, kefir or coconut milk,
organic cocoa, milled flax seed, shredded coconut, carrot, *small 
box of frozen spinach (as much of all of this, organic)
(*frozen, right from my freezer into the blender)

The brightest deep yellow candles here
are from St. Tikhon's.
When I got them, I was dazzled by 
how bright they were,
I kept telling Mr. Husband they
were like liquid sunshine.

However, really they are 'solidified sunshine' as the wax
is not melting :)
These will last me a long time, of course
and it is so so wonderful to have
candles to light by my icons for prayer.
We are in the middle of the Apostles Fast,
so vegan eating as health allows
and seeking to go towards health
through prayer, ordered eating and being aware
of what day it is.
I find reading daily stories of Saints
a great lift and orientation to me
in terms of eternal reality:
our days are full of the past, of heroes of the faith,
of Saints, a great cloud of witnesses!


Lisa said...

Yes, yes, yes - spiritual reading is something we cannot do without; and the lives of the saints are so encouraging!

steph said...

those recipes sound so very very healthy!!! I'm off to the farmers market in a few've inspired me!!

Martha said...

thanks for sharing ♥ when we were on vacation we went to Christ the Savior church in WV and Fr. Jonah recommended the salmon burgers from Sam's club for grilling - for 4th of July, would be nice! we got some, my mom has a Sam's membership, I think it was $13 for 10 burgers (total 2 and a half pounds)....and very good!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

<3 <3 <3 your glorious candles so much.