Monday, June 01, 2015

A very special gift ~ Fantastic Mr. Fox for a Munchkin's 7th Birthday

Back in early December my lovely, creative, talented,
Artist & Orthodox friend Ira, wife, mother and owner of this
for sale via her etsy store.
Now the munchkin who I love and had over
last summer and other times, 
loves the book, Fantastic Mr. Fox.
I soon realized I had a great gift for him for his birthday.
So, as the (church) Aunt Elizabeth that I am,
this lovely lovely plush velvet Fantastic Mr. Fox 
was bought and shipped.
Yesterday we had a birthday party for 
this munchkin who is now 7.
The first present he got was a really neat
playmobil Roman soldier with a chariot and 4 horses
from another dear friend.

Then he got a book that I had for him
since August, signed and waiting for him!
And then the icon of Christ the Good Shepherd that 
is his favourite,
and then the green and white pillow that was
the first thing I made with my sewing machine,
he was so excited about it and urged me to open the 
box so he could see the sewing machine. :)
He hugged the little pillow immediately and 
understood that it was a special hugging comfort pillow. 
I was so so glad.
And then he opened the biggest box of all:
Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Ira made a card for him that he and his Mom read together,
Fantastic Mr. Fox's bow got rearranged courtesy of his Mom
and I heard late last night that Mr. Fox with this loved Munchkin
as he slept.  

It was a very good 7th birthday party
and all of us are so glad.


Nancy said...

God grant your dear munchkin many, many years!

Nicole said...

Happy birthday to such a wonderful munchkin!!! What a good day :)

October Rose said...

What a wonderful birthday! And such a sweet fox!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Many Years to your dear Munchkin, and I loved seeing his presents, especially Mr Fox :-D

GretchenJoanna said...

A splendid birthday - makes me want to be 7 again :-)

Apseed I said...

You're so king to me! And it's such a treasure to know he liked it too!
Thank you so much!