Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Back Home...

This was the lovely sign that greeted me
when I came Sunday night
to my dear friend's home.
I had a very good visit in Ottawa.
It is now Tuesday morning, 
I saw Mr. Husband off to work, 
Cleo the Cat is sharing my chair and purring
and laundry is going and 
I am slowly putting things away.
Groceries are going to need to be ordered,
clothes hung to dry,
all the wonderfulness of coming back home.
Late Sunday night after I got back from my friend's,
dear friends from BC told me of Fr. Matthew's sudden tragic passing;
he was a dear friend to many people 
and I like many have been thinking and praying
for him and for his family.
I am so thankful for my life with Mr. Husband,
for my home and family; for my church family
that spans two countries and many churches;
for the time I had in Ottawa.
We must be grateful for each day as God is
the one who holds our future
and in Him we continue to trust....


Apseed I said...

It's so great to be back at home!

Matushka Anna said...


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Hooray that you are safely home to such a wonderful welcome.

The death of Fr Matthew is tragic indeed - my prayers for his wife, children and parish.

We never know when God may choose to call us Home.