Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday, hurried Monday

A former roommate of years ago once said to me,
the only thing I need to accomplish this day is having time with God.
She later became Valedictorian so she clearly did a lot other than
her religious devotions.
 But I've never forgot her rule of thumb as it were.
So last weekend was busy, I made a great meal.

Hope to blog about it later;
a pasta dish with lots of garlic, veggies and for dinner, 
it was mixed with clams.
During Great Lent on the weekends Mr. Husband and I 
will have a lighter fast, meaning we have shell-fish for extra protein.
I love how weekends can be used to replenish and restore one,
though I find them also often quite full and busy amidst this.
But still, we had a great dish Saturday and Sunday night
we split a seafood dish are our favourite diner and 
it was really lovely.  
We had a date and planned our week.
How is that I am always super behind these plans?
Seriously. It all sounds so good and then well,
it never happens.
I am really not that good at self-discipline and esp. not on Monday mornings
after a very full weekend. 
I think I need to just schedule Monday mornings as that to NOT schedule. 

I made cake and cupcakes to share with my NJ far-away church family;
it was the Feast of the Cross (loved my prep for the Sunday School lesson on it).
I hope to write this week about the cake, so more on that I hope soon!

The reason I failed on my morning plans:
So NJ a few years ago had a huge bed bug problem;
actually when I was in NYC last week I saw one half of a bed frame
on the side of the road for trash and in white was written 'bed bugs' 
and a month or so back down my street I saw a truck that
advertised exterminator services, including bed bugs.
So needless to say, we freeze for 4 days any used books that come in our house
from this area of the world and I just took out my
Strand Books.
They are all put away now and I read a bit more in the book
by Molly and am processing her very different life;
I forget so quickly how different those who are basically secular live
and it takes me a while [to process]...
Anyway, I am writing up thoughts as I read her book and think on things.
I may not pick this book up again though till after Great Lent
as I only have a few weeks left and need to do some more 
focused Lenten reading.
I am thinking of the first prayer book I had and 
that it had the 
They are really good prayers.
Very concise Christian Lenten Meditative Prayers.
Good to take note of on this busy Monday...


Lisa said...

That prayer pretty well sums up everything important; I feel the same way about St. Patrick's famous prayer, and some prayers of St. Anselm I've read: the saints from those hundreds of years ago expressed their prayers very clearly - no flowery language for them! I like it.

MamaBirdEmma said...

Those cupcakes look delish!!

elizabeth said...

Mamabird Emma, they should, I used the recipe you posted recently!! :)

Lisa, yes, I totally agree; and we are so blessed to have these prayers!

October Rose said...

Oh that pasta dish looks delicious! And the cupcakes. :)

I didn't know that the writer of Orangette had written a book. I don't regularly follow her blog, but I use some of her recipes quite regularly. :)

October Rose said...

I just realized I have her book on my to-read list! I didn't make the connection between it and the blog.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Cupcakes and books :-)
I did not realise there was such a problem with bedbugs - freezing the books seems eminently sensible, but how do you thaw them out without ruining them?

elizabeth said...

Oct. Rose ~ would love to know what recipes you use of hers!

Elizabeth ~ the books are fine when they come out - I really don't have to do a thing to them. I would not do this of course to hugely valuable books...

GretchenJoanna said...

Thank you for posting those prayers - I think I may have them somewhere else, hard to find! so I will print yours, because I need something like this right now.

GretchenJoanna said...
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karen said...

cupcakes look fantastic, and I have never thought to freeze books because of bugs, great idea though. Love that noodly dish!