Friday, March 13, 2015

Nearly half way through Lent... things to ponder, suddenly

Finally little things are in order:
1. new camera memory card
2. my main computer had malware that Mr. Husband removed
and I can use it again
3. I ordered some key things for something I am making
for Mr. Husband's Birthday...

It's been a sunny week and I am so blessed by this.

Cleo's been liking it too!

Today I get to go to the store...
I am doing my big grocery run for everything
for now and for Pascha...
I hope to start baking (and freezing) for this 
next week!

I love my little kids section...
just wish that I knew kids that are local;
the ones I did know moved way...
but I have hope for this summer at any rate...

So I was talking to Mr. Husband about
a blog post that I am not quite done yet,
about how I love ordinary days best.
And he said, 
well, you like ordinary days as someone in 
the solid middle class.
and over breakfast I read the lead article in the 
Calvin Spark, Calvin being 
where I began my undergraduate education.

And I read about how there are tons of kids
in high school who are homeless.
And I watched the trailer for the film about it.

And what about the babies?
All over the world, abandoned.

I finished, finally, the book
and towards the end of the book
a peripheral but yet important character, a doctor,
says that most people just want to live a quiet life and 
be left alone;
these things together, 
the desire of many to just live quietly, and yet,
the poor, the homeless, the children...
well, they give much to think about and wonder.
I don't have any conclusion other than
Lord have mercy....


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Sometimes, prayer is all we can do, and it can be mighty powerful.

Lisa said...

Yes, most people want to live a quiet life and be left alone - including me - but is that what God wants? And prayer certainly does a lot.

My cats have been so enjoying sleeping in sunlight, too!

Nicole said...

How true. And how heartbreaking! But we have so much hope that the Lord does have mercy, and has had mercy, and will have mercy. Thank you for the reminder to ponder :)

karen said...

you have the prettiest place to live, great light, a devoted cat and books galore! I cannot believe we are half way through lent..

ann lynagh said...

Your home exudes comfort,love and happiness,so very cosy.