Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Homemade Life, Second blanket Section & Remains of the Day

Progress on many fronts!
1. I am on the second section of my blue
checkered textured blanket
2. I went to NYC yesterday with my red cart
and it was much better than last time,
when I was just weary and in great need of my 
trusty red cart!
3. I found this book for 2 Dollars at the Strand!

Image result for a homemade life book

In hardcover with dust jacket.
I've been enjoying it; I read some of it before
at one of my literature reading fantastic cooking friends places...
I found some other books too but will wait to share those later on, DV!
So here's the blanket progress:

First section is done 
and I am almost done with the first square of section two! 
(Sorry for less than brilliant sunny pictures;
took at night and with my phone as
my camera cards are full, the new one is in the mail,
I still have to copy all my still-on-the-now-full-memory-cards
 pictures to my computer /
eternal hard drive to back them up,
which means no camera!)

I am still reading 
and it is getting quite interesting;
kind of spy-intrigue like right now,
which now that I think of it, 
is not surprising but I did not expect it.

 I am excited to finish reading this and 
to get more work on my blanket done;
I did get some knitting done on the weekend,
which was great and hope to do more this coming weekend!
I was so happy to see Madeleine L'Engle's
Wrinkle in Time being displayed
at the Strand :)

I also discovered that
there is a British tea place
fairly near to Mr. Husband's work...
but I did not go in...

They had a bunch of rules and
one was that a 12.50 minimum order was expected.
Well, I wanted tea only so did not go in;
I had an excellent lunch with Mr. Husband
(including a vegan cauliflower soup with cumin and coconut milk
if I remember right; it was good!)
and did not need to spend money unnecessarily. 
But I may go back after Great Lent with a friend...
the one who crochets, sews and is willing to teach me
how to sew and quilt.  
If that alone does not warrant a lunch at a nice tea place,
well what does?! :)
Loving my reading, knitting &
living to tell the tale of a day in NYC.
What are you reading and creating?
Any new tales to tell?
Yarn Along with us!


Reinventing Mother said...

Tea shops are such fun!!! What a treat to have one near:))))

Lisa said...

The tea place will be something to look forward to!

karen said...

looks like you had a wonderful trip in and funny that a tea shop would have a minimum order. Must be popular! love the book you snagged on sale, lucky you! and your blanket is growing lovelier each time I see it.

Mimi said...

I have to put "The Remains of the Day" on my list

Donna said...

I love NYC. We are planning a trip there in the early summer by bus. Your blanket is coming along!

October Rose said...

Oh it looks like a lovely trip. :) I have been meaning to read that book!

Anonymous said...

You are making me so curious about "The Remains of the Day" each week! It has been added to my Must Read list. Please tell us about your new tea room once you've gone! I would love to have one here in Steamboat Springs. I was told by a local that a tea shop only lasted 2 months here. It is so nice to be able to connect with Kindred Spirits online, yes?! *hugs* :)

Ranee @ Arabian Knits said...

What a fun trip for you, but how odd that there would be a minimum order.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What fun!

Apseed I said...

What a lovely place to have your afternoon tea, despite the minimum order.