Friday, March 06, 2015

Winter Wonderland and my first week back from Ottawa...

It has been snowing most of yesterday,
thick white soft snow in large flakes...

Slated is a 7 story building in that empty lot;
our view will be much different than the ones in these 

Today is sunny and cold, I need to out for a walk... 
it's my favourite winter weather,
sunny and cold...

Still remembering the many persecuted Christians...
Lord have mercy on us all.

This week has been a bit topys-turvy for me;
it always is when I come back from anywhere I've been for more than 1 day...
clutter can just overwhelm me and it has this week;
I am still pushing through it, slowly;
I went from a week of non-stop people to days that
I am alone all day and to be honest
I am really struggling with that.
I did get to the Wednesday night presanctified, 
and I see Mr. Husband nightly,
but he's been super busy with work and so he is at work today
instead of at home working.
I am glad for Cleo.
I am working on a top-secret project for Mr. Husband's birthday;
things are coming in the mail; I will have a small dinner party for him
in the Bright season and already am planning a nice time with him
during his birthday itself, which is during Lent as usual.
Next week will be different;
a trip to NYC and a friend coming over DV next Thursday to help me
with the above mentioned top secret project.
And hopefully Mr. Husband will be working at home on his usual
Wed/Friday routine so next week will be much more social.
And I think I needed some time to just rest and be quiet this week.
It's just a huge change; life is always full of them...

I am so thankful for so much;
just feeling a bit buried this week, so much to catch up on.
I think everyone is getting ready for Spring and Summer...
I know Mr. Husband is by his despairing comment to me the other day,
maybe it will still be winter in early May this year!
and I just said to assure him, I am sure it will be Spring by then.
God help us meanwhile have a Lent that brings us closer to Christ,
His one and only Son.


Martha said...

When February arrive, I was disappointed, it didn't seem like we had a good winter, just a tiny bit of snow....but then it came! And yes, now I'm ready for spring. ♥ Your home is beautiful. Being away, always makes me appreciate my home.

Martha said...

(I meant "arrived" not just arrive, sorry)

Reinventing Mother said...

Lots of snow here yesterday, but today the temps raised to the 50s and it's almost gone! 70s next week!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Your snowy pictures are so pretty, but i hope it will soon be Springtime to cheer Mr Husband's heart.

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

What a lovely space you have! We are enjoying sunny and 70 today (well, will's only 8 a.m. and it's below freezing!)

Nathana Clay said...

Beautiful home! I miss the snow, living in Phoenix we don't see too much of it!

Nathana Clay said...

Beautiful home! I miss the snow, living in Phoenix we don't see too much of it!

Apseed I said...

Sometimes I have the same thoughts about winter, but I'm sure it will be true spring in May.

Nicole said...

Winter has been long, but it still looks beautiful in your pictures :)

karen said...

lovely place! I get like that, a little sad, when I'm with people and then suddenly without people. I went for two walks today and I feel so very happy!!