Monday, March 23, 2015

{Vegan} Pasta with baby bok choy, portobello mushrooms & tomatoes

This meal was inspired by my Romanian friend 
A. who served me years ago 
 sauteed bok choy, tomato with spaghetti pasta and lots of 
garlic and olive oil.
It was wonderful.
I recreated it last week, using half avocado oil
and half coconut oil...
but olive oil would also work!
(I think Mr. Husband added some to his plated dish). :)

Whole Wheat Pasta.

Two chopped baby bok choi in
avocado oil. 

Two Portobello mushrooms, sliced and chopped,
and put in another fry pan with coconut oil.

9 garlic cloves minced and shared between the two pans.

I added the garlic towards the end and 
a bit of shaved and minced ginger.
When the two pans were sauteed and 
the pasta was done,
I mixed it all together,
adding salt and pepper to taste.

It was a warm and delicious Saturday lunch!

For the evening meal I added a can of 
drained calms and re-heated.
Also very good!

I added slivered almonds to mine both times
and salt and pepper.
It's a very good filling and simple meal!
Easily GF with GF pasta of course...
Any yummy Lenten recipes you are trying out this year?
Would love to hear!

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Lisa said...

I recently bought some bok choy but haven't used it yet. Maybe I'll saute it.