Friday, March 20, 2015

Vegan Vanilla Cake for the Feast of the Cross

Mat. Emily's cake is my inspiration for this 
cake for the Feast of the Cross.
so I knew I had it in me to decorate with strawberries again.

Here it is!
I have not made a vegan vanilla cake before,
I used the same recipe that Mat. Emily used,
save that I used coconut vegan creamer
in the frosting instead of soy.
It was amazing that this ...

...a rather pasty water white batter cooked to a lovely yellow!

The cake was well loved.

I also made it into cupcakes.
I did not know how long to bake it for so had 
some real learning curves and a few "oops-es" along the way...
I had been going by this rule of thumb for converting 
cake to cupcake recipes in terms of baking time... 
and erred on the 'less baking time' and had to add time.
When the toothpick came clean, 
I took them out...
but only to find out that the bottoms of these
cupcakes were too soft/undone.
So I quickly put in them in the oven on a flat plan,
tops down....

Yep. Oops # 2.! 
But you know the great thing is that no one knew
and two, it equaled more frosting per cup cake and 
I made lots and they were all gone! 

I made some chocolate ones too with
better success, using the tried and true recipe 
that I use for my St. Nicholas Cakes.
I am really pleased with now knowing the frosting trick of 
adding shortening - non-hydrogenated vegan shortening - 
I used earth balance.

I was so pleased to have a thicker frosting!
This picture is before I added the 1/4 cup of coconut creamer
and the vanilla.
It am going to add a bit less of the creamer next time 
and mix it also for less time as I found
by three minutes it was very soft, light and airy, which
is great and everyone loved it but I was looking for
a denser frosting. 

None the less it was a real hit and all the cake was gone
by the end of coffee hour!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

They all look wonderful!

Reinventing Mother said...

Im learning a lot from your cooking:)

Anna said...

Good save! and thank you for passing on the vanilla cake recipe. I use your vegan chocolate cake and koek recipes often - always winners :) and I'm going to try this one!

elizabeth said...

thanks all! Anna, I think you will like it! Mat. Emily has never led me astray :))))

Nancy said...