Thursday, March 19, 2015

{Celebrating my Husband} ~ Delfts Blauw (Delft Blue)

 I've been planning for my husband's birthday since
this past December.
You see, it's one of the 'big ones' as it were
for him and I want him to be properly celebrated.
And who better to ensure this than his wife?
So over Western Christmas we went to 
the Dutch Store in Holland and I also went to one
in Grand Rapids on my birthday proper.
Now, admittedly, the first items are proper 
Dutch blue and whites for our table.
This really is for me, but I still wanted to show you.
I wish I would have these in time for my beloved's
birthday dinner but they will still be in safely
waiting for us in Michigan for my parents 
hoped for visit in late May.
So here they are:  

The Butter Dish...
made, may I add, for American butter sticks...

I don't know that Holland itself has butter in this shape;
I will have to ask...
I know in Canada their butter tends to be in squares not 
the half cup sticks that the US is so used to...

A lovely gravy boat.
So: a proper butter dish and gravy boat. 
Very excited to have these gracing my table in the future!
Now on to what treasures we found for our home
that Mr. Husband picked out, 
with a few from me also...
(we do do things as a team after all!)

We got different tiles of Industries that we done 
centuries ago in Holland.

This will be a series for our living / dining area.

We got tiles with Scripture verses,
these most likely will be in our library/chapel...

Some of the tiles have to do with book binding and printing,
and glasses making.
These will probably go in our library...

It will look lovely when it's all done...

This is one that Mr. Husband esp. wanted...

It was on sale and I lived there for nearly the first 
half of my twentieth year... 

Peacock, a symbol of the Resurrection,
we hope this will go in our chapel/library...

My parents have a framed canvas print of this
in their living room...

I love the simplicity but many details in this one...
my husband's family had been sailors...

So these are waiting for us and 
I am writing this post in advance to be put up
in the second half of Lent
to bring reminders of 'life-after-Lent' which we
hope will include a Bright Week Birthday dinner
and later my parents coming with the many lovely
Delft pieces for our home, that
we got for my dear one's special birthday this year.
Sometimes just remembering the Month of May 
can get us through the months of winter and Lent...


Lisa said...

I love the Vermeer, especially!

Paula said...

Love blue and white, though mine are Wedgewood. I really like the Vermeer too.

You're right about the butter. We have to pay extra to get the 'fancy' butter in separate sticks. Our pounds are big rectangles so the do tend to be square when cut for the butter dish.

Sara Lorayne said...

Delft is so beautiful. I have always loved the blue and white and the careful and pleasing artwork designs too. Your pieces are wonderful and I pray the hoped for visit comes to fruition with blessings for all!

karen said...

happy birthday to him and I love the collection :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

They are all exquisite :-D

author said...

There is a thrift store in Grand Rapids (almost right across from the Dutch Store) that has tons of delft items quite cheap. Someone must have donated their collection.

elizabeth said...

author, I was there this past Christmas, I know just the one you are referring to! :)

Amy said...

I have loved Delft since I visited Holland in college. My mom has some Delft that she inherited and that we bought there but I only bought a pair of earrings and a bracelet because I was strapped for cash at the time:). Do you know where this Dutch
store/thrift store are in GR? I will be visiting my in-laws in GR this weekend and would love to stop by!

Amy said...

Btw you picked up some really beautiful pieces Elizabeth! I really like the butter dish and gravy boat!

elizabeth said...

Hi Amy, thanks!!!

See this link:

address is on bottom - is on 28th street. :) there is a thrift store across the street, my Mom was just there this week and picked up something delft (That she is not telling me more about as it is a surprise for us!) :)