Friday, March 13, 2015

{My time in Ottawa} ~ my home away from home

My dear friend's daughter painting.
Notice her lovely artist smock/apron and white painters pallet!
I and my husband have one friend who we both knew
before we knew each other.
And this lovely Orthodox woman is a wife to a good Orthodox man and mother of two 
very cute kids... 
including the one pictured above 
(with her permission of course!)
I guess because I stay with them and their place
is like my 'home away from home' in Ottawa, 
most of my pictures are of their kids
and not their actual home.
All my visits to my church and other friends would not be 
possible with out these dear friends who I stay with.
And the continued help I get from them by just living with them
is wonderful; and they belong to the Orthodox jurisdiction that I and 
Mr. Husband belong to so there is a lot of continuation with them
and it is most wonderful to stay with them when I am in Ottawa.
I always feel welcomed and at home there
and we share the same church and are very much
on the same page on many things, 
including our perspectives on food, medicine, homeopathy 
and having homes with lots of icons and Orthodox books.
I got to go to their church for part 4 of the Saint Andrew's Canon 
and it was so nice to be there.
I always feel that we are on the same journey
and it is wonderful to share life with them.


Reinventing Mother said...

I have a friend like this as well and it does my life a blessing!!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

:-) And that young lady is a talented little artist.

Apseed I said...

Very clever solution for an artist smock!