Friday, March 20, 2015

{further adventures of Elizabeth}: the truck that almost ate us on our way to the craft store

Life is not always full with roses,
but thankfully the following adventure
left us shaken but unscathed....
My craft quilting friend came over to help
me with a secret project for Mr. Husband, and we 
ascertained that we needed to go to a craft store,
the nearest one being about 16 minute drive away....
After a near miss when a car came out of no where
right as I was turning left,
we were doing fine 
(my friend did tell me it was then that she understood
her life was protected by the Good Lord but
she is still my friend, which is a sign of true friendship)...
She did ask me 'how often do you drive'? somewhere
after that misstep in things.
But all seemed fine...
until we ended up meeting what I now call
the biggest truck in the world
otherwise known as an 18 wheeler truck with
hauling two trailers.

I need visuals to explain this unexpected
adventure, so welcome to my 
drawings on post-it notes. :)
As you see above, I was waiting for the red light
on a T intersection, 
I am sure my friend and I were talking and were
doing fine.
UNTIL the truck turned and was suddenly 
almost on top of us
and were looking into the truck's grill/bottom of the
 truck's hood and wondering what just happened
and why is the truck trying to eat us??!!!??
Sudden, Scary and...

There we were.
The truck could not, it seems, back up;
I and my friend were startled, scared and in a bit of shock;
at least I was!
The truck was so huge and lumbering that it had to turn into 
our lane to make the turn at all,
which you see by the pictures,
meant that if it went any further it would well, 
pretty much kill us and destroy the car. 

So jackknifed truck,
scared fairly new driver (me) and a very smart
driver behind me, in a brown minivan.
The person behind us backed up,
we backed up, 
the truck lurched forward, 
seeming ready to eat us at any time.
We had to do this maneuver 3 times...

Wow, nerve wracking.
I remember that I felt mad at the truck driver,
who I have no idea who the driver was,
too tall to see from being at the nose of our car,
as it were;
it felt like the truck was being a bit of a bully;
I think the driver hopefully was not a bully 
but totally miscalculated ... or... if was a bully
was really out of line.
My friend kept saying in all her driving she 
had never experienced something like this.

The truck, thanks to our backing up,
was able to get in his/her lane and we all kept going.
I was fairly anxious the rest of the drive to the store,
and I ended up being routed on a small, with stoplights,
highway but after nearly being 
eaten by that huge light green truck,
i.e. the biggest truck in the world,
even this small highway was nerve wracking for me!
We made it to the store,
and when we were just inside it,
I realized I was shaking and my friend 
made me look at her and do deep breathes.
I chewed some gum for the sugar
and eventually the knots in my stomach 
relaxed and we found what we needed.
Thankfully I was routed back a much easier way
and as always I prayed before I drove,
my friend prayed with me and it was 
a peaceful ride back
and an epic story about 
how the biggest truck in the world, painted a 
pale pastel green, 
almost ate our small mid-sized silver car.
I must say I was thinking that
Mr. Husband better appreciate 
his special present I am working on after
it nearly cost the life of his wife...


MamaBirdEmma said...

yikes!! What a scary story!! I'm glad that you were okay!

Juliana said...

So glad you are okay! Very scary! (I've had that happen to me a few times as well--it is very nerve-wracking)

Paula said...

So glad you guys are OK. It is so scary to have that happen. But it happens around here all the time. Trucks (and their loads) are so big and corners are so tight they don't have a choice but take the far lane too. I always try to watch for the big guys turning and stay back from the intersection. Hope you feel better from your scare soon. God bless.

elizabeth said...

thank you all! Thank God we are fine!

Paula, I may have to be more careful with trucks and watching for this. It's hard here as we are in the city where the speed limit is 25mph and if I don't go all the way to the edge of the road, that is before the walk way for people, I will invariably get honked at as NJ is the place of aggressive cranky drivers! but at least I am driving!!!

Matushka Anna said...

Ok, while acknowledging that that was a scary situation, and being very grateful I still have an Elizabeth-friend, I have to say that this post was hilarious! :)

(((Hugs))) I'll have to tell you about my complete nightmare-on-the-interstate sometime. Maybe later. ;)

elizabeth said...

Mat. Anna ~ you got it! while it was scary at the time, I immediately loved the fact that I could tell a story about how the Biggest Truck In The World Almost Ate my Car in epic style :))))

Lisa said...

Those trucks just take those wide turns, and let the other guy worry about it! Glad you escaped alive.

T.J. said...

oh dear- that was quite a moment! I've hand much lesser versions of that happen- when I'm stopped at a light and a big ol truck is making a turn but forgetting it is not the size of a matchbox car. Your version is waaay more realistic! Glad you were all ok :)

steph said...

what a scary scary experience!! (my daughter calls me scary driver......but I've never been in anything like that----huge trucks like that I'm sure just don't have lots of practice driving on neighborhood roads....they need to stay on the highway!!!!) phew. glad all is well.

Cleo said...

Thanking the good Lord and Panagia for your safety. A friend of mine taught me to pin the witness ribbons (materika) from christenings on my visor. They make me feel better.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Lisa, TJ and Steph!

Cleo ~ yes, thank God and His Holy Mother that we are fine! We have icons in our car, including the protection of the Mother of God and Guardian Angel and they sure do make one feel better!!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Goodness me, that must have been utterly terrifying! Just reading about it made me feel queasy......

So glad you are safe!

karen said...

My goodness! I'm glad you are okay and I have a feeling the trucker was a newbie driver :)

October Rose said...

Oh my goodness, how scary for you!! I have always been nervous about trucks turning tight corners since a friend's baby got run over in his stroller by one that jumped the sidewalk while turning. :( (He is perfectly fine, by the way, four years old and no problems!! Praise God for miracles.) You would think huge trucks like that would require more thoughtfully chosen routes!!

E Helena E said...

Thank God you are okay!!