Saturday, May 29, 2010

So glad it is Sunday tomorrow!

Yesterday I made the above pasta;

artichoke, penne noodles, Fia's Pasta Sauce

(from a slower cooker book I have),

mozzarella cheese,


Turned out well,

made lots.

We are slowly gearing up for the Apostles' fast!

I am preparing a tea for tomorrow

with a few of my friends;

hope to post pictures of it, of course!

It was a fight against anxiety about the future;
I am glad I have church to strengthen
and encourage us in our struggles.
I am relieve that it will be a fasting time,
I pray that I can quiet my heart...
Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday and
for all who are Orthodox,
a good beginning to the Apostles' Fast!


Anna said...

Mm, the pasta looks very yummy. Happy last-day-of-cheese! Spinach, that's a good idea with pasta.

What lovely flowers - Ottawa is already bursting into summer bloom. Hope your tea is yummy and lots of fun, a good encouragement before the fast begins.

I wish you a good fast too, full of peace, hope and confidence in God's infinite care for us.

RW said...

enjoy your sunday.
it is my weekend now. we are off to church soon and then home to rest.

Pres. Kathy said...

Yummy!! Hope you have a good fast~

Michelle M. said...

That pasta looks amazing! You could making something like that during the fast, too, just without the cheese :)