Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And tomorrow, the train...

Have researched online as much as I can
for this program
French as a Second Language.
Vacillate between feeling excited about it
and scared about how much work it would be.
However I am saying no to anxiety
and worrying about something or
feeling scared about it
does not mean one does not do it.
I am going to Brampton tomorrow!
My Oma is 101.
All of my life she has always been here.
Can't imagine her not being
and am so glad I get to see her again.
I hope to savor each part of this small
I have ordered the transcripts to apply to the program
and am going to fill out the application on the train.
Somehow I feel, overall, excited about this.
I think part of it is I always feel excited about school;
must seek to guard my heart also;
I have already had to blog about my dreams being
based in what was not really true.
Like thinking a perfect apartment or job
would give happiness
anything else that I really need.
After all, the purpose of life is not in having my dreams
of a family or good job or living space.
The end and beginning must be
my faithful Saviour
Jesus Christ.


Pres. Kathy said...

I hope you have a wonderful little vacation! I wish you all the best with filling out the papers - I know that can be time consuming!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Have a wonderful time with Oma !

margaret said...

Thank you for the link.

You've inspired me to go ahead and learn Russian. My matushka is always saying that amidst all the concern over English in the services it's terrible for Russians to come here (and we have a lot) and find no-one at church who speaks their language. I probably wouldn't be doing this if I hadn't been following your French adventures for so long.

Hope you have a lovely time with Oma.

mamajuliana said...

Many years to Oma! Have a wonderful time on your visit!

Good luck with the paperwork, and congratulations on making your decision.

I had an interview yesterday morning for a position in my degree field-but I haven't worked in that field for 20 years! When our children were born I quit working and we homeschooled the children. Now that they are graduating and one is going off to college himself...well, things are changing!

I can sympathize with your trepidation on making changes...

Praying for you

theresia said...

Many years to your Oma.
Bon voyage et meilleurs voeux pour un sejour formidable chez grand-maman!

Michelle M. said...

I hope you have a wonderful time with your Oma. 101! That is amazing.

Mimi said...

Traveling Mercies, enjoy your visit, and Happy Birthday to your Oma! 1