Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Application is in!

I went this morning in person,
in the heat.
It is a fast-free week.
I had a hamburger for lunch.
They forgot my ketchup but it was still pretty good.
I can tell that many are praying for me.
I was reminded of a Donald Hall poem tonight
the ending is that he is
surprised by happiness.
I have felt moments of peace and happiness
it sure feels nice.
Am trying to live in the moment,
in what is true:
I have enough for today.
I even have enough for tomorrow.
I need to file my taxes (note to self).
But I even have enough for the day after tomorrow.
Give us our daily bread.
I have a place to live.
I found Cleo laying on her back tonight
looked so funny.
My A/C is in (but not exactly installed perfectly yet
however it is IN).
My Goddaughter called and left me a voicemail.
One of my good friends had a baby boy!
at Home!
je suis tres content.
She saw God taking care of every detail
and the Mother of God's care while she was in labour.
no wonder I am feeling happy.
That said,
I am aware that I need prayers
and I am so grateful for all of yours.
I feel that this summer is a summer of further
and I am so thankful to be blessed with
such a great blog community.
May God help us all!


RW said...

I can sense you are more settled.

You should check out the blog 1000 awesome things... and he has a book out now... you can just read a page a night/ day and it will inspire you.

Mat. Emily said...

I am glad that things are going well for you:)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

A good day indeed :-)

DebD said...

what a sweet list of happy things.

Pres. Kathy said...

What a wonderful day!

Cristina said...

I keep you in my prayers for your application. As for you French studies, I know it is difficult. Especially with that "special" accent the Canadians have (I didn't mean to be mean about the Canadian accent...). I remember now a useful resource here: It's Professor Bernard Cerquiglini from Paris explaining some aspects of French grammar or idiomatic expressions all in a funny way in a 2 minutes video. I think you should try it.