Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sunday Evening

One never knows where Cleo will be found.

Today it was inside the pillow on my chair.

Quite amusing.

One of the buildings near by City Hall...

My Mother, on Mother's Day,
gave me a good bit of encouragement.
Sometimes I suddenly look at the waves in my life,
I forget, like St. Peter, to look at Christ.
I must keep trying to learn French and see how far I can get by the
end of the summer.
I must develop a new routine,
cut out all and any self-pity
and try to work hard at French.
If you could pray for strength for this resolve,
I would appreciate it.
I am
Lord Willing
going to Brampton Ontario this week to visit my Oma
who is 101 years old
and my Mother who will be visiting her Mother.
I am grateful for God for giving me such a great
Mom and two wonderful Grandmothers!
Christ is Risen!!


margaret said...

You have my prayers (as always). Cleo is so cute, I so love the way cats like to get inside and underneath things, it never fails to make me smile.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Clever Cleo !

Prayers for a safe and happy trip :-)

E Helena E said...

Have a wonderful visit and my prayers go with you also!