Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday / a Lundi

A Close up of Cleo.


After waking me at 6 am, I find I still love her!

Lucky for her...

A really beautiful day today.

And I achieved my goal of studying this morning in the library.

But OH MY GOODNESS do I have a lot to review

and learn.

Lord help me.

I cannot express how encouraging having my
lampada lit
day and night is.
Light in the darkness;
the light will never be overcome by night.
It was recently St. George's Day
(old calendar)
and this year I discovered that there is a
the day of after St. George's Day.
I have a lot to do to get ready for my short trip away.
Balancing trip-planning, French studying...
A friend offered to help me network;
I reworked my resume
and carefully crafted my email to go with the resume.
I am reading some books by Christian Protestant author
I admit that I find his website to be a bit overwhelming,
not to mention that he has, with his daughters,
created an Institute.
regardless of my inclinations to want things all tidy
and artistic
(I did a BA in English Lit)
I found my friend's suggestion to take a look at his books
worth while.
As you may remember,
I declared war on anxiety
and part of this war was getting books.
Hart's books (and one that his daughter co-wrote)
are one of the tools I am
using to fight.
I hope to do some book reviews on them,
but for now suffice it to say
that I am trying to build new habits in my life
as part of this effort.
First up is improving my eating habits.
More green and other vegetables.
I tend to eat lots of bread
and not as much in the area of vegetables,
unless I make a good soup.
So far, so good.
It is tricky to understand all the areas
that need to be examined;
and how blessed I am to have such good food
easily available to eat.
Second is to get more sleep.
On that note, I better do so presently!
Christ is Risen!


Maureen E said...

I'm with you on the vegetables thing. I'm good at getting them in my main dish--I especially like pasta with white sauce and vegetables--but I feel like I need more vegetables than protein and that usually doesn't happen.

margaret said...

Lovely photo, I like the way the colour of the blanket complements the colour of her eyes.

St Elizabeth is wonderful, isn't she? No lances or spears for her just a good old stomping!

I almost had a post for her day (new calendar) entitled Not A Dragon Hugging Religion but I was too lazy to finish it. Nex year :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I didn't know about St Elizabeth the Dragon-slayer ! Thank you !

My prayers for all your needs and intentions......

mamajuliana said...

Keeping you in prayer!

I am also reworking m resume. I was recently offered a job in the field I went to college for, and they asked for a resume. IT dawned on me that I have not had to work on a resume for almost 20 years!

I had to do some major reworking! My second interview is tomorrow morning.

Here's to eating more veggies...which I don't do either. We'll work on that together!

Molly Sabourin said...

I'd be interested in reading those book reviews you are thinking of writing! Anxiety has plagued my family for generations. I love that you keep your lampada lit all day and night. When my kids get a little older, I'd like to try that myself. Have a peaceful Tuesday, Elizabeth!

Pres. Kathy said...

Cleo is so cute! I hope you are doing well. I have to agree that when our lambatha is lit, I feel like the day goes so much smoother!

elizabeth said...

Yep. lots of work to do RE: veg. eating!

thanks Margaret - I always love it when my photos are liked!
St. Elizabeth is wonderful for sure!

your welcome Elizabeth and thank you!

M-J - wow - will pray for this interview! Yes, resumes are a lot of work!
Yes... let's work on eating veggies together! :)

Thanks Molly - yes - I read of a Greek family that hosted St. Nectarios and they always kept their shrine lit and I realized this would be good for me to do also... It is not too hard once one get's in the habit of it - take care of the wick once a day and add oil twice a day...

I do hope to do these book reviews in the coming weeks... still reading two of the three books! :)

thanks Pres Kathy - I am doing well overall - yes, lighting our lampadas really does help! :)
Thanks for admiring Cleo! :)