Thursday, May 27, 2010

Early Summer


I don't think I realized how much I love summer sunshine!

I love winter sunshine but summer is special too.

It cooled down a bit though, to my delight.

(I find the high humidity tiring).

Today I ran into an old neighbour from my last apartment building;

she has cancer and I did not know.

Am so glad I know now - please say a prayer for her.

I am working on staying in the present
and it sure is nice to do this.
Lot less stressful;
my old neighbour talked to me all about this -
how she is not going to worry about tomorrow but just do
what has to be done today.
She got really sick with the chemo;
she was surprised how many people are in the hospital with cancer.
May the Lord have mercy on us all;
in the beautiful days of summer many still suffer.
It is a good reminder as I go through
these days of waiting
on applications.
Enjoy today.
Follow the guidelines of the church
(one of my friends jokingly said the Church says we HAVE to have meat tomorrow
on Friday because it is a fast free week!).
I am putting together a nice tea for a few of my friends
right before our next fast.
May we seek God in all times and in all places.


Athanasia said...

I, too, find the humidity tiring. A new feeling for me because I always loved the heat and humidity!

Yes, your friend is disobey the fast free week is to sin because then we think we're better than the medicine of the Church. (We just talked about this in Bible study tonight, that's why I know.) :-)

elizabeth said...

Hi Athanasia - not sure if you have commented here before ... either way welcome!

yeah, it is tiring, the humidity...

nice!! yes, it is good to have the freedom to just follow what the church says! So nice to have this discussion in Bible study! What a blessing! Once, when a holy hieormonk was with us for a liturgy during the Pascha season, he said the season is to renew us and is needed after Lent... so is this week also important not only to prepare a fast but to celebreate the great joy of Pentecost...

hmmm.. I think I am excited about the fast free week! ;)

margaret said...

I will pray for your old neighbour, yes, it is amazing how many have cancer. When I had it I was truly shocked at how packed the waiting room was every clinic - even if everyone had brought a friend it was still a huge number. Being a vegetarian I ate cheese today - and wine.

Mimi said...

Prayers for your neighbor indeed.
I agree, there's something special about the summer sun.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Prayers for your old neighbour....
and what a gorgeous photo of Cleo !