Saturday, May 22, 2010


Another picture of the restaurant that my Uncle took
my Dad and I too.
God really watched over me as I went to Brampton last week!
The train ended up being a bus to Toronto due to some rail damage
down the line.
Then I was given a taxi drive from Toronto to Brampton!
(Over a 30 minute drive).
I showed the taxi driver a picture of my Oma and myself
on her 100th Birthday.
The taxi driver ended up taking me right to my Oma's place
instead of the train station;
it was so joyous to meet my Mom, who was waiting for me outside the doors.
We both thanked the taxi driver for his generosity...
Oh if only I would remember at all times what care and attention
God gives to us His children!
I am trying to work more in French;
with my two new classes I have found it a challenge.
Am reading things, including this great blog post
about accepting that we may be in
a state of confusion
but by accepting it and doing what needs doing
we can have a sense of peace
in the midst of it.
I am really struggling to organize my time so that I
devote enough to French studies.
Lord help us all!


Pres. Kathy said...

It is good to see that there are nice people out there. How nice to see your mom waiting for you! Have a great weekend@

margaret said...

I do like all the knicky-knackys in the restaurant.

And God bless the kind taxi driver!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

How nice of the taxi driver !

Have a blessed Pentecost :-)

Mimi said...

What a blessing!