Friday, May 07, 2010

Cleo and the week as it winds down

Thanks everyone for your comments
and show of concern for my Cat Cleo.
She has been fine the past two days;
little sneezing fits
and lots of meow-give-me-what I want
but okay over all I think.
Called a Vet.
The person who I described the situation to
thought that she was okay so far
but to watch to make sure
she does not get worse.
She is eating, drinking, litter-boxing (if you know what I mean!)
and acting her normal self.
Like the picture below?
Bet you did know that Cleo is practically fanged.
Always talking, that's Cleo.
She is currently lounging on the gold chair,
bet your daughter Alana would like the picture! :)

The other day there was a freak down-town rain storm;
two of my friends who live in Ottawa, but not downtown
did not get the rain at all!
The rain lasted a good 10 minutes
and kind of blew in and then blew out.
The sun came out again suddenly
making the newly wet ground beautiful.
My one French class is hard
a bit over my head
as I have had very little chance for listening and speaking
(which is why I switched French classes).
I am struggling to find time to study
even though it is the main thing
I am to be doing.
May the Lord help us all.
Christ is Risen!


E Helena E said...

I am relieved to have this update on your beautiful Cleo. Wanted to suggest yesterday, in case I hadn't before (but too sick to write) that you also try giving her a hairball laxative (malt-flavoured) remedy. Comes in a tube like toothpaste and you can buy it at any pet supply store. "Most" cats love the flavour and will eagerly lick it off your finger.

margaret said...

Alana has a spinning wheel, I believe, she might make good use of all that lovely fluff :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Cleo is on the mend. Gabor has been acting strangely recently, wailing plaintively and not wanting to eat unless someone is sitting right next to him. Sort of nervous neurotic behaviour.

Thank you for being so kind on my recent blog post.

He is risen indeed!

elizabeth said...

thanks E-H... yeah... tried this stuff once but Cleo did not like it...

hope you are feeling better now!

Margaret - yeah... no kidding, Cleo's hair could be used this way! :)

Marigold - hope Mr. G feels better soon and your are most welcome.

Christ is Risen!

Molly Sabourin said...

I love the name Cleo for a cat - especially a cat so handsome and regal as yours. : ) We had a crazy rainstorm two days ago as well. It was violent and intense and then five minutes later, the sun was shining. I hope you have a peaceful week!