Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh, well, then...

I know.

Cleo looks too cool for her own good.

Rest assured, she is looking quite normal now

and is resting on the top of my afghan-arm chair.

My new salad meal.

Spinach, boiled egg, non-died cheddar cheese

(cheddar with orange = dyed colour)

a radish, some tomato and cucumber,


I dress it up with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Have to come up with a new variation though

or I will get tired of it

(I know my consumerist self too well, sigh).

I made some phone calls today.
I am going to apply to do a major
(a second BA without the electives that my first BA has)
in French as a Second Language
at one of the two local Universities.
This would give me the time and structure
to continue learning French.
It would also give me more debt in student loans;
but not more than I can pay off
(especially if I get a professional library position afterwards).
I don't know the economic future two plus years down the road.
It would be a big investment of what our current culture
considers to be important:
time and money.
Please pray for me that I will make the decision
that God wants me to make
and that I will be able to read and obey His will.
Thank you.


E Helena E said...

What a scrumptious looking salad! I am sorry, Cleo is beautiful (and fierce and funny here again) but she could never whip up the tasty dishes you can (but please don't tell her).
Wow! This is a huge decision. I am certainly praying for you for clarity in making the right one and that God's way would be made open for you.

Pres. Kathy said...

I pray that you make the right decision. Your salad looks really good!!

Anonymous said...

That salad looks YUMMY! I make something similar but just with spinach, avocado and tomato plus olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Works every time ;)

I am hoping and praying for you concerning your education. It sounds as though it would be fun and challenging, although it is an investment as you say (in other words something that doesn't look like it's going to pay off at first, right? That's what you meant?) Just curious - is there any particular reason you're thinking about doing another BA and not an MA or equivalent?

Christ is risen! (Last day of saying it!)

elizabeth said...

Thanks E-H!
Thank you Pres. Kathy; I pray this too.
Marigold - I don't think there is an MA that teaches French as a Second Language... and it the level does not bother me; I already have a Masters in Library Science (so already have this rank; done it; no big deal; etc). I would be doing this second BA merely as a way to really learn French and to be able to afford to live while doing it (I am not sure I can support myself learning it outside of this, etc.).

Being a full time student has a lot of advantages - loan deferments for school loans, using other government programs, fincial aid, school loans (yikes but one of the most reasonable type of loans one can have from what I know).

But I must seek God's will and to this I pray I can understand and obey.

Mat. Emily said...

Your salad looks so good! We've been enjoying Chicken Ceaser Salads about once a week lately. Not terribly healthy, I guess!

I'll be praying for you as you make decisions about the next few years.

Beth said...

Your salad looks lovely, yummy avocados. And I had to laugh about the cheddar cheese comment because just today I explained to my sons that cheddar cheese is not supposed to be yellow and that the cheese they were eating came from men and women who actually milk the cows with their own hands. Revolutionary.
Prayers to you for your decision and hope for a peaceful rest of this day.