Monday, May 31, 2010


I really appreciate it that my blog community

appreciates and sees the beauty

I seek to create in my teas.


It is a learning curve for me,

to put together a good tea

and be a good hostess.


In time I may read up on the etiquette of hosting dinner parties

and teas, from how to prepare the food,

the table;

am also interested in learning more about conversations

and engaging everyone in the party according to who they are.


Meanwhile the tea yesterday was lovely

and I am already dreaming up

other tea / lunch / dinner

party ideas.

At least I am not shy
and certainly not of showing my tea party pictures!
In other news, I got an A+ on my quiz!
(I got two wrong verb endings wrong
but still a grade of A+,
I'll take it!!)
The test today was a bit more difficult
but I know I passed and did
fairly well.
Much more studying to be done this week!
Today is the beginning of the Apostles' Fast.
Wishing everyone a good beginning.


Molly Sabourin said...

So, so lovely, Elizabeth! I really enjoy the photos you post of your teas - of your beautifully set table! Congratulations on your A+!

E Helena E said...

That's fantastic - félicitations!

Victoria said...

I love the idea of a real tea party. you're so lucky to live within such a reasonable distance of friends who can so these things!
you set a lovely table! if ever I am in the Ottawa area, I would love to be included! :)

Anna said...

Congratulations - on the tea and the quiz! Love that tiered cake stand, so hospitable looking.

margaret said...

Mazl tov on the A+ !

I am useless at such lovely social soirees. What happens is Polly brings wine, David brings pizza, James tells me the church has two lungs and I go all Khomiakov and tell him the church is ONE. David and Polly shake their heads. Too much wine gets consumed. I am hoping to have a friend visit soon and we will have a tea party sooooo that means, Mlle Elizabeth, I will be visiting here for inspiration :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I love your photos !
And jolly well done on getting that A+ in your test !!

Grace said...

Blessed Fast to you!

Where do you get your tea from? Or do you make it yourself?

elizabeth said...

Thanks Molly! I love doing tables for teas!

Thanks E-H!

Vic - yes, I am quite fortunate; one of my friends took a bus for over 30 minutes to come... I live downtown so it is a bit easier. It is a blessing! You are always welcome here in Ottawa! Would love to see you again! :)

Thanks Anna!

Thanks Margaret!! Glad if I can be of help!

Thanks Elizabeth! It was exciting to see such a grade, even though it was only a quiz!

Grace - hi and thanks for your comment! Sigh, I would LOVE to make the tea myself! But for now, it is cheaper for me to buy it premade! Both teas are made by Stash Tea and are bagged teas... I do have some loose tea as well, but not in the two I used... to be precise, I used the Chai decaf spice tea

and their Licorice Spice Tea

Both are very lovely teas!

GretchenJoanna said...

A tea party is a rare treat for most people these days, so giving one is a wonderful service to perform. And so much fun! It's been a year or more since my last one, and I am missing that kind of creative work.

Michelle M. said...

I wish I could come to one of your Tea Parties. My friends and I get together for something we call a "Tea Party", which originally started like a real Tea Party, but now with a total of ten kids for the few of us, we've simplified :)

Congrats on the test!