Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cleo Question

Warning - conversation about cat and hairballs ensuing.
I admit,
I should brush my very furry cat
more often.
And it is spring.
Hairballs are a comin'.
But I have a question and concern because...
some of the time when Cleo is throwing up
(sorry if this is gross but I gotta ask
my friends who may know)
the non-hairball part is, as of late,
Should I be concerned?
Do I need to bring her to the vet?
I have not called the vet yet
due to business
and also that I am trying to conserve money.
Any thoughts?


Mat. Emily said...

I wish that I knew, Elizabeth! I hope that someone can give you some insight!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

What do you mean by "discolored"? If you mean it looks as if it could be blood, then yes, take Cleo to a vet.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Or better yet, if you think the discoloration could be blood, telephone the vet and inquire whether Cleo needs to be seen. In case that might save some money.

elizabeth said...

Thank God it is not blood - I think she has a cold - she has been sneezing a lot... more discoulored like browns and greens. Wonder if she is having sinus problems?

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

If it is brown/green, it could just be bile.
I'm sure the vet wouldn't mind you ringing for advice ?

theresia said...

phoning the vet for some advice might be a good idea. Cleo could have an obstruction in her nose, rather than a cold. This happened with my cat Zoe a while ago. Coinciding with the fuzzballs,she sneezed and sneezed for days and did not eat,until she blew a piece of ornamental grass out of the nose(she is a cat who goes outdoors though)
If you phone, give the vet as much detail about each incident re: colour, consistency, how many times etc. Good Luck for both of you

Alana said...


Gorgeous cat, though. I'm sure Cleo is worth it.

When I was sharing the blog with my daughter, she asks: "Did she blog a picture of the hairballs?"

margaret said...

I don't have anything useful to add, mine are shorthairs and so far I haven't seen any hairballs.

She is such a beautiful cat. Do keep us posted with what happens.

RW said...

I know nothing of cats and hairballs.

Hope you sort it out.