Monday, September 28, 2009

Trusting God Take Two

What's up with Picasa 3 and blogger?
My pictures keep disappearing.
Is this my punishment for not going to a new blogger or something?
My camera is fixed!
Accidentally transferred files to my camera's memory card
instead of my external hard drive.
I hope the pictures come this time, as I really liked them.
I love how the sun comes in through my curtains.
I wanted to capture this before I left my apartment.

As my 'trusting God' original post said,

I have felt unsettled as I know I have to move again.

I don't know how to feel more peaceful about moving;

I know moving is high on the stress charts.

It is funny though.

Most likely I will still have this beloved gold chair,

that I am sitting on as I type this,

that my Dad sat on when I was a wee babe in arms.

Yet is feels so unsettling to have to move again;

If anything, it shows how much I need to grow in my understanding of

what the world is really like.

For example, the world is NOT based in chaos. NO. This is false.

My spiritual father taught us years ago that the correct understanding of the world

is that the Church encompasses the world,

not the world encompassing the Church.

When this is understood,

then we can see how the world is really ordered and that it is not chaotic.

Our world is not based in a broken disheveled dissonant mess;

that are world is experienced this way is true

but it is not its basis. God is the Creator and God is not broken.

Just thought I would make that clear to us all,
including to myself.
How I can learn to internalize this,
and learn to take the peace of God and of the Church,
inside of me,
this I fear will take sometime.
But I know it is possible.
Our prayers speak of it:
O Heavenly King, O Comforter, the Spirit of Truth,
who are in all places and fill all things,
the treasury of good things and giver of life.
Come and abide in us,
cleanse us from every stain,
and save our souls, O Good One.
May God have mercy and lead us to His peace. Amen.

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TruthQuestioner said...

Thanks Elizabeth. You are beautiful encouragement to me. My love.