Saturday, September 19, 2009

suivant - following

Suivant means following or the following.
I am following a partly unknown dream to what I hope is a better future.

The other half of this story is that it is a bit scary to commit
about half of one's life savings to learn a language
to try to stay in a city
that has become a home to me.

On one hand it so great to know what I am going to try to do.

Learn French.


Today I am going to a Greek Monastery with my church.
And I am so relieved.
I cannot say enough about going to a good Orthodox monastery.
This past year has been very hard for me.
I was in a job that proved very difficult;
breaking my foot before that
was really hard;
not only did not I not get good care in the hospital
(not being told that you have two foot fractures
or how to care for an open wound
to name just two incidents)
but the internal wounds that come from a physical wound
take time to heal from.
Often what got me through was remembering the monastery I go to
and seeing pictures of other good Orthodox monasteries
that blog friends went to.
So today I am going to pray for a miracle:
that I can find a good apartment that I can afford
and find a way to better structure my life to learn French
(I am struggling with it already).


Alana said...

saying a prayer for you right now, my internet friend!

RW said...

Trust in the mercy of God
All will be well.
I believe that.

elizabeth said...

Thank you very much Alana for your prayers!

and thank you also RW for your encouragment. Yes. And I must believe this as well.