Saturday, September 26, 2009

Greatful to God

This week I helped with panihida at my church,

They can be so sad and this death was unexpected and the person

only in the 'middle age' of life.

I was able to put some of the flowers brought to church in vases;
giving flowers to Saints in church is always a comfort to me.


This Akathist is a wonderful one to pray for those we have lost:
(scroll down as it is the 10 booklet on this page; both monasteries
where I have been sell these).
There are also much shorter prayers for the departed
which are also wonderful to pray,
these are found in most Orthodox prayer books,
God hears our prayers, regardless of length.
God is good to us.
My spiritual father said this week that
To grieve makes us human, to grieve with hope makes us Christian.
Note: I tried to put the pictures back in for my blog post. But it was not working so I have reposted this without the pictures. This is at least the third time Blogger has had problems with my pictures. I hope Google products stabilize soon.

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E Helena E said...

Memory Eternal! I saw the sad death announcement in the newspaper. Thank you for this link to the Akathist.
(Photos strangely not showing up...)