Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Full Day

I went to liturgy this morning.

It was good.

I had breakfast and then went to my church (old calendar) for 6th hour prayers.

Remembered Kathleen Norris writing about noon prayers

how it would slow her down,

make her readjust her afternoon plans.

I sat quietly after the prayers and realized how fatigued I felt.

I found myself nodding off...

I started French classes tonight.

I really wanted to record the vocab words that were covered in today's lesson,

so I could listen to them again.

My teacher did not want to do so and told me I was stressed.

Yes. I am stressed. Yes, I know.

But why do people use this as an excuse?

I know that I need to hear these words again so that I can pronounce them correctly.

I went through this already with the last time I tried to learn French.

So other than feeling a tad brushed off, I will be proactive.

I know many people who know French.

I will ask them to say these vocab words into my recorder, so I can listen and practice...

I need to learn more about how to relax.
Any thoughts about this, please share.
So many are in need,
Lord have mercy on us all.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Immersion is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get comfortable with a language.

Do you know a French-speaker who would be willing to spend a few hours or a day with you in a mainstream setting, setting as walking around a town district, and agreeing to *only* speaking French, so you can find out and use the words for everyday things quickly ?

That would give you a lot of confidence to help with your classes, I think .....
My prayers for you as you start the new classes !

elizabeth said...

Yes. I know. Unfortunately I do not know anyone with this much time....

RW said...

how about placing an advert in the paper ...looking for conversation... or how about an elderly person who has reverted to original language... I bet they would love a visitor.

Mimi said...

Happy Afterfeast!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Many cities or sizeable towns have groups of people who meet weekly to converse in some language they are all learning and/or teaching.

Warm bubble baths help me relax.

Getting enough sleep is terribly important. They say exercise is, too...but that I wouldn't know!