Saturday, September 26, 2009

Camera Question

My camera is a Sony and I downloaded pictures tonight.
Thankfully I have all my pictures.
But when I pulled the cord out,
it went funny.
It says the memory stick is full
this I believe
as I took over 160 pictures of a baptism and chrismation today
(no photos here though, as a rule I do not post pictures of people).
But when I go to view pictures I get a dreaded
blue screen of death
and it says
!No Images!
and if I try to delete, it shows 0/0 pictures.
But the memory stick message comes on when I go out of
viewing my pictures on my camera mode.
Help. Does anyone know what to do with this problem?
I guess I will be hunting for my camera information to take it back to the store...
Meanwhile, if anyone has had this problem,
I am all ears.


RW said...

I can't help you but hopefully Vic reads this soon. She is master of all things photo and digital

Victoria said...

thanks for the vote of confidence rw.

hmmm. do you disconnect properly? that is, do you tell your computer to disconnect before you unplug the usb cord? that needs to be done from the task bar down in the bottom right corner of your screen (I am assuming PC). if you don't do this to disconnect, it can corrupt the data on your card.
I'm glad you have all your photos.
have you tried formatting? if you cannot delete, try a format. all digital cameras have this option, and this is just a 'wipe-clean' of the memory.
hope this works! there is nothing more frustrating than technology getting the better of you. believe me I know. :(

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

This technique sometimes works, but be warned, if it doesn't, you will most likely lose *ALL* data saved on the camera's internal carefully back up anything important/precious beforehand.

Remove the memory stick.

Remove battery for about twenty seconds.

Re-insert battery

Re-insert memory stick.

Turn on and check.

I hope it works.