Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Step one, step two, step...

I am reading a book called
Can You Start Monday Morning? by Cheryl Cage.
She gives some good advice on job seeking.
Now I just need to follow it.
I have been working on these things.
Tomorrow I am having a small dinner party.
Today was better than yesterday
and I pray that with God's help
I can continue to go forward.


Michelle M. said...

I hope the book helps. Just take it one day at a time. You will make it through, with God's help.

biss said...

I am So glad to hear you have this book. I found it so very helpful in my job searches and refer back to stuff I learned from it whenever I am seeking new employment. She does a really great job of giving practical advice and making me feel like I can actually follow through on it effectively.
Best of luck!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

One day at a time, dear friend. Things will get easier.

Enjoy the dinner party, and I will be holding you in my prayers as you start the French course :-)

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

It appears that hardship is needed (and highly effectrive!) to make us into saints.

You're getting there, glory to God!

Love and prayers from here.

P.S. Your photos WOULD sell! Check out gardening magazines and book publishers. Do print them up on photograph paper and keep a paper portfolio as well as an electronic one. I know you say you love being a librarian, but I'll bet you'd love earning your living by photography, too.

E Helena E said...

I am interested in this book also. Sounds like something very timely for the job situation my colleagues and I are in. Love to you today and hope things are going well!

elizabeth said...

thanks Michelle for the encouragment!

Thanks Biss. Yes. I need to keep reading; thanks for telling me about this book!

Thanks so much Elizabeth, your words really lifted my spirits this morning!

Thanks A.T. for your encouragement. Someday I may do something with my photos but I find it overwhelming enough just to look for one type of work for now. Thanks though, I really appreciate your support!

Thanks E-H. Yes. A good book. And from the library! support our libraries!

The Bosom Serpent said...

I very much feel your pain, your struggle. I don't have any words of wisdom but I will pray that our Lord will continue to be with you in this trying time. Most times in my life when facing such daunting struggles it was preparation for a positive change, a new life, a new challenge. As I struggle with being unemployed I am learning many things about myself and some of them are not positive. But I am trying to listen, to stay motivated, to count on my family, my friends and the Lord. Prayers ascending from a very soggy, rain-soaked Georgia.

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Nov. I was really heartend by your comment. Yes, I too am learning much about myself through this time. I wonder what will be next for me, but am slowly learning things that could help me, I hope for years to come.

Thanks again for your comment and encouragement!