Thursday, September 10, 2009


French class went better today.
Thank you everyone for your encouragement and suggestions!
I have another networking event
this coming Monday night.
I got a cute linen black dress for $12.00 at a consignment shop!
It's my favourite kind of find;
simple, good quality, comfortable.
To be worn under suit jackets, blouses, cardigans.
Also found a great darkish brown suede like jacket
(the blazer type not trench coat).
Really nice with the black dress, perfect for fall.
I am thinking of going to Value Village for further wardrobe updates.
I am feeling more hopeful right now.
I have a lot of scheduling and planning to do.
French learning and network building.
I feel like my dreams are not fully in ashes.
This is a good sign.
I hope and pray that all of you have something
good in your day as well.


E Helena E said...

Happy to hear this! You are rebuilding much with God's help. (VV is a veritable treasure chest for wardrobes and more)

mamajuliana said...

I am happy for you.
Even 'little' things like finding a bargain is a blessing from God!

I am really glad things are going beter for you...

still praying here!

Michelle M. said...

Glad that you are feeling more positive. The dress and jacket sound lovely. I love finding good deals :)

RW said...

Hey E.
For some reason my gmail is not coming up with your address. Email me again - I have something I would like to forward you. It is brilliant.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Bargains are *always* good !
Glad things are going better for you now.....

Mimi said...

Whooooot! That black dress sounds fabulous! you know the drill, we all want to see photos...

And, prayers.

Philippa said...

I puffy heart my thrift store. I do ALL of my shopping there. It pains me deeply to buy clothing new!

Cute black dress - awesome!

Elizabeth shoots! And...

And the crowd goes wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!