Monday, September 21, 2009

Monastere Vierge Marie La Consolatrice

It was a dream come true to be at this monastery

with many from my home parish.

The protection there is felt, as well as their dependence on God.

The air was so clear.
The Abbess talked to us as a group and answered many questions.
One of the life-long parishioners, the next day,
said that he learned more in those few hours than
he has in years.
It was such a relief to pray vespers in their chapel.
The prayers, the incredible beauty, the protection and love
that is there is truly of heaven.


Michelle M. said...

Sounds wonderful and the icons are beautiful. I am glad you were able to spend some time praying there.

::Sylvia:: said...

What beautiful treasure you brought home! Is this Gerondissa Thekla's monastery? She's very special isn't she? Our previous Gerondissa had gone to stay there for awhile before her recent repose from breast cancer. So needless to say that monastery holds a special place in my heart...

elizabeth said...

Thank you Michelle. It was such a blessing.

Sylvia, yes. I treasure these icons so much. Everything was so beautiful there, that I did not even realize how beautiful my new icons are until I returned!

You are teaching me new words! Geronissa must mean Abbess or Mother? Yes, Abbess Mother Thekla is the Abbess. She is so wonderful. She answered so many of our questions - I wrote them all down in my journal so that I can think more on them. We are so blessed to have such monastaries!

Mimi said...

Wonderful indeed!

Philippa said...

I am rejoicing for your joyous time of respite Elizabeth.

elizabeth said...

Thank you Philippa!

E Helena E said...

How very wonderful!