Monday, September 21, 2009

Three of the Icons I got at the Monastery

Great Martyr and Healer - St. Panteleimon.

The Holy Theotokos, Birthgiver of God.

St. John the Theologian and St. Prochorus.
Through their prayers we can learn
to keep silence before God
and know God's love.
I love getting icons from the monasteries I pilgrimage to.
It feels like taking the blessing home with me.
They were blessed today at the liturgy (old calendar) for the
Nativity of the Birthgiver of God.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The icons are lovely ! What a wonderful way to remember your visit to the monastery.....

elizabeth said...

Yes, thank you! I am so greatful for them! It is like taking some of the prayers home. As these icons were made by the nuns, I know that the icons already are covered in prayer. I am so greatful to God for them!

Emily H. said...

That's very neat! How did you choose which saints to add to your icon wall? Our icon corner is still fledgling; we are trying to add our name's saints next.

Love in Christ!

elizabeth said...

Hi Emily, I wrote so much of an answer that I made a seperate blog post! I hope it helps. Really, take your time! Fr. Stephen once wrote on his blog (Glory to God for all things) that it is good to not get too many icons at once, as we need time to get to know them, etc.

Not that I fully follow this, though I really did not have as many when I was just chrismated. I tend to be a maximalist! However, I get icons of Saints, in general, that I know from church, another person, a Saint story, etc.

My love in Christ also to you!

thegeekywife said...

I love the icon of Saints John and Prochorus, since St John is my patron saint. I had to use to learn about Prochorus. I was thrilled to learn that he was one of the 70, as I was Chrismated on the Synaxis of the 70.