Sunday, September 27, 2009

O Bethany, Rejoice!

Fr. Stephen reposted on grief - worth reading.
When I experience the prayers of the Church,
is when I cannot imagine anyone wanting to be anywhere else.
Rejoice O Bethany!
This speaks of the grief of a sister for her brother Lazarus
and Christ calling him out of the tomb.
It is a Holy Week song and I remember this song coming alive to me
when I was working at my last job.
I was alone in my small library, shelving books, listening to it on
I remember feeling so full of joy...
Today was (old calendar) the Elevation of the Cross;
our priest reminded us that this Feast is directly linked to
Holy Week and that the core of our life needs to stay in Holy Week
that we must revolved around Christ's death and resurrection.
Oh that I can learn this.
Meanwhile, I am really wanting it to be Christmas so I can
Lord Willing, go to the monastery again.
And then I want it to be Holy Week.
Of course the Church knows I need Lent first.
Lord have mercy on us all!


Mimi said...

Our choir sang that for the first time this year, it is arrestingly beautiful.

And, very good point about the Resurrection. Happy Feast!

elizabeth said...

Yes. it is such an incredible song.