Friday, November 21, 2014

{baking bread} ~ First time making cranberry orange bread in our new home

My new measuring cups are getting lots of 
good use!

This is the bread that I baked
last week when I went to practice
highway driving for the second time.

The yeast bloomed well and rose nicely!
And I remembered to score the tops!

Mr. Husband and I enjoy this toasted
with jam.

I froze the second loaf in preparation for a friend
coming to tea.
Recipe here and here.


Emily H. said...

How did your highway driving go? I remember being intimidated by it at first but I love it now. The bread looks very good. Where did you find the recipe?

elizabeth said...

Thanks Emily! I still have to do more driving... have not done any highway in over a week but I did drive locally! :))))

The bread is lovely and fast friendly!!! It's a recipe my friend posted for me on FB as a bread maker recipe, so I made it 'normally' so it's kind of my recipe :) see links for more info :) the lemon version (which I am still not as satisfied with) is fully my recipe :)))

Matushka Anna said...

It looks fantastic! Yum!

Lisa said...

Oh, this sounds so nice, and seasonal!

Nancy said...

This looks lovely. I'm a lousy bread maker (just ask Fr. M. about the one and only time I was asked to bake the prosphora. You know it's bad when the priest feels obliged to explain to the parish before bringing out the antidoron that it's someone's first time making prosphora). I admire those who have the patience and skill to bake bread, and I enjoy eating the fruits of their labours.

elizabeth said...


Thanks! I had great people help teach me! In Ottawa and in NJ!

That is so cute, the story about Fr. M and your baking prosphora; I can just hear him say this announcement with this usual gentleness! :)

Well, if we were closer, you could have some of my bread!

Nancy said...

You're correctly imagining how he announced it, but I still wanted to crawl under the music stands. Thanks for the wish to share. It looks like it would make lovely toast

Anonymous said...

I'm imagining how good your whole place smelled while that bread was baking!

Martha said...

Where did you get those measuring cups? They are SO pretty! ♥ Your bread looks beautiful. I made a batch of prosphora yesterday and unfortunately left them in the oven too I will be making another batch today.

Reinventing Mother said...


Michelle M. said...

oh my... that looks amazing!

Michelle M. said...

oh my... that looks amazing!

karen said...

I think you could say that your bread was a big success! Looks delicious.

elizabeth said...

Martha ~ a gift to me from a dear NJ friend; she got them at Anthropologie.

Thanks all! Yes, it is really great bread and the house did smell great!

Nancy, yes, I can just see Fr. M. saying it so gently! and yes, the bread toasts very well!

Apseed I said...

I like the rustic look of homemade breads. And yours looks delicious!