Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A New Song and More Blanket Stripes

I am finally making some real progress on 
the blanket!
At least three more stripes are needed before
I can work on a boarder.
As you can see, I am still on a Jan Karon kick!
Finished book # 3, don't yet have book # 4 so am reading 
#5 instead which is A New Song

I am pleased with the 'textured look' of this blanket...

My goal is for it to be a long lap blanket to sit curled up in
when reading a book and drinking tea.

What are you reading and creating?
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harknessangels said...

Your lap blanket is wonderful!

Paula said...

that's looking really cozy. Are you going to do a moss border?

elizabeth said...


Paula ~ as in seed stitch? I am thinking of exactly that... :)

October Rose said...

So much fun to watch this grow longer each week!

Sarah in Indiana said...

The blanket is beautiful! I am reading the new Mitford book right now. The series a special to me because it was just what I needed to read at a.particular point in my life, now past.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Oct. Rose!

Sarah ~ thanks!! I am looking forward to reading the new Mitford book! I find that as I am re-reading them now that I often need to hear the 'messages' there in. A blessing to have books to help us in our life and various situations. So nice that the series is special to you; they are dear to me too.

Lisa said...

That looks very soft and warm. It's very important to have throws about. :)

Michelle M. said...

The blanket looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Blankets give so much pleasure both during the making and the enjoying of it when finished. This is beautiful!