Wednesday, November 05, 2014

{around the house} ~ changes, progress and a dying refrigerator

I can't tell you how happy
I am with this basket.
Mr. Husband is very kind and considerate,
so he seeks to be quiet
in the early morning when I am still sleeping
and needed a basket
to keep things in so he is not opening drawers 
early in the morning.
I found this one on my trip to Princeton a while
back and it works perfectly!

Our breakfast of choice, I admit it!
Our pantry is almost all done.
A good friend sent me these big labels!

I can't remember if I blogged this picture or not.
Cleo is waiting for dinner, sitting in my seat
as if she gets to eat it!

A friend came over recently and gave me lovely
ceramic measuring cups as a gift!

Our fridge has been dying for over a month
and we did not realize it.
Milk was not as cold as it was once
and then yesterday when we went to get a bit
of ice cream from freezer, it had turned to soup. :(
Turns out we even lost some of our meat,
it was totally thawed.
Mr. Husband did a great and gallant job of it all
and he found this fridge and I ordered it on the phone
last night, it comes Friday.
Still trying to decide on the extra 5 year protection plan.
We have 90 days to decide.
I am hoping it is magnetic, as many of this kind are not....

A few weeks back a friend gave me this ornament for our Christmas tree!
I can't wait for Christmas and to find a Christmas tree!


October Rose said...

That ornament is beautiful! And I hope your fridge is magnetic; ours isn't and all of our magnets are crowded at the sides. What a shame to lose food. :( (Especially ice cream, that's very sad!!)

Anna said...

Sigh - Glory to God in domestic vicissitudes... If the fridge turns out not to be magnetic, a solution might be a self-adhesive magnetic sheet - they come in rolls or pieces cut to size.

Anna said...
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Lisa said...

It's so funny when the cats sit at the table! Henry often does that.

Matushka Anna said...

I LOVE the measuring cups!!!!!