Friday, November 07, 2014

Fridge Here and working great!

The fridge saga is now done,
other than getting food back from neighbours.
Speaking of that, we are really blessed in our neighbours,
two of whom lent us freezer and fridge space!
Last picture of old fridge with broken-when-we-moved-in
ice machine.

Both Mr. Husband and I agree that we'd rather
have more space in our freezer than 
an ice or water machine and are so glad
we found one that did NOT have this feature!
(We only had one choice for the side by side model
that we wanted to keep as it works well with the 
tight corner and dish washer).

The people, Spanish speaking, who delivered it,
were very kind and worked quickly.

 The only time you will see this fridge without magnets :) 

I decluttered while I was putting things back.
I love all the family pictures...
So I am happy about that!
And SO HAPPY that the fridge is magnetic!!!
I am glad I started my posts on 
when one is in times of desolation.
I know this can be a hard topic;
blogs often are seen as 'fun' or 'beautiful' but life
is life and hard times are very real.
So I am happy to start writing on
the things I learned during the years of struggle I had.
None of us knows the future or what struggle may
come again in my life;
while I wish only for the inevitable (people dying)
we really do not know what each day will bring.
But we have a God who loves us
and who can help us get through the difficult times...
Now I just have to clean house and get things in order;
I got laundry done but the folding and putting away is mounting;
I found this to be inspiring in my search for
how to manage time, from MamaBirdEmma.
It's when things are all pulled out from the normal that is so challenging;
between plans falling through, funerals, fridges dying and other things
that all make up our lives,
it's hard to get in a routine and stick to it.
But I will keep trying...


GretchenJoanna said...

That is certainly cause for rejoicing! And having a magnetic fridge is also wonderful - I will never get over discovering that my first-ever new refrigerator is not magnetic.

elizabeth said...

G-J: our fridge where we lived last was not magnetic; I used scotch tape to put things up... but had a magnetic white board for the rest... I can sympathize, it's a real surprise and disappointment to us magnet lovers!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

We have lots of fridge magnets too :-)

Matushka Anna said...

So glad it's all set up and MAGNETIC. I don't know what we'd do if our fridge weren't magnetic. It just doesn't work quite so well on the oven...

E Helena E said...

Happy for you that you have this new fridge AND it's magnetic!

Heather LeFebvre said...

Thanks for letting me know about the coconut milk creamers! I am definitely going to try that because I wasn't even going to attempt coffee without milk! :) I will have to try yogurt too sometime...

karen said...

glad you have a fridge and it's magnetic! Mine is not except for the sides, which you cannot see. Oh well, lesson learned.