Tuesday, November 25, 2014

{Hospitality at Home} ~ A lovely Autumn Tea

We have a lovely tea the other day!

Chicken Salad, bread, scrambled eggs (my friend made them
with only butter, salt, pepper and garlic powder, were lovely),
salad with cranberries and goat cheese,
butter cookies from friend, chocolate chai and lady grey teas.

A new favourite. 

Just right! 

Grandma's dishes.

Apple Cake!

Farmers market salad.

The loveliest cookies.

I will be missing this in the Nativity fast 
but a great dish for later! 

I do hope to bake bread again soon!
We enjoyed some lovely cream with tea.
This week I will be busy making a Thanksgiving dinner
at home with a couple of close friends.
I am thankful for all of these blessings! 


Matushka Anna said...

Beautiful job! And now I'm hungry. :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I've just had my evening meal but am now hungry again after seeing your super photos!

Nancy said...

Elizabeth, I so admire how you practice hospitality. It is truly a ministry and a blessing. Some of us rush about so much, we don't take time for breaking bread with others, and we get so isolated. I'm afraid I've been very guilty of this over the past several years, as I struggled to make a new home in Halifax. When I see your posts, it reminds me of what I need to strive toward. Not necessarily to do all the same kind of baking and cooking, but to do the same sharing of time, of my home, and of myself. Some of the warmest moments of hospitality I had in Ottawa was having a small gang sitting on the floor of my bachelor apartment after Vespers eating store - bought cookies and drinking tea. With God's grace, I hope to learn how to share like that again.

elizabeth said...

Nancy, it can be hard to share one's time and self but it is one of the most helpful things. When I was going through my super hard time in Ottawa an abbess told me to practice hospitality and it blessed me greatly. Sharing one's home with another for tea can be a huge gift. I know it has been for me on both the 'giving and receiving' ends of it.

and it does not need to be 'fancy' as you alluded to. With all your nice dishes I think just having cookies and tea at your place would be a delight.

We sometimes have no idea how much we can help each another by just having tea with them....

I know that it can take a lot of time to rebuild a life, esp. when you are alone and in a new place, but it sounds like you are in a space where you can start doing this!

Most appreciative of your comment; it encouraged me greatly!

Nancy said...

Thanks Elizabeth for your words of encouragement. I recently moved outside the city where I'm closer to my family and very near the water. I hope to get into a better rhythm of life and I'm hoping this summer to practice lots of hospitality. If you make it to the Maritimes again you've definitely got to stop in Halifax. I'm sure L. would love to see you, and I've got a spare room for you and Mr. Husband if you need a place to stay.

elizabeth said...

Thank you Nancy for your words too! It takes time to set things up and get in a new rythem after a move. How nice that you live near family, what a blessing!

Yes, L. would love to see me for sure... I think she would want to host me but if we ever do get out there I do hope I could see you and all your dishes! We share a very real love of dishes, that much is clear!!! :)))))

No immediate plans but best to contact me via my email as I don't give out travel plans in advance via my blog (roosjeblog AT yahoo DOT CA). :)

I did see L. when we were in PEI and that was very good...

Sara said...

I like your tea cozies too. What a delicious selection for your tea! That chicken salad does look so scrumptious. I love pasta salads.
Your hospitality is inspiring and it is a lesson I certainly need to learn.

Apseed I said...

I also like your tea cozy!