Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In This Mountain ~ Textured Blanket & a Prayer Request!

I got Jan Karon's
at the Princeton Library Book Sale a while back
and read this quickly over the last days.
So good, such an enjoyable read!

My blanket is coming along!
I just got a new yard order as well
so I will have enough to finish it off!
It's meant to be a long lap blanket and 
I am hoping just a few more stripes 
and I can then do the boarder! 

In your charity... a Prayer Request:
My Father-in-law is in the OR as I type for
please pray!
....& for those keeping track of my three prayer requests this week...
~My Uncle's eye surgery went well, thank God!
He will have more check ups and surgeries to come however.
My Grandma's small surgery was postponed to Friday.
I am so blessed by all my blog friends
and pray I can be a blessing to you too!
If there is something/someone you want pray for today,
please let me know!
And let us know what you are reading and creating!
Yarn Along with us!


Donna said...

Prayers being sent up for your father in law right now :-) I have a good friend going for a check up on her cancer treatment and we are praying that it has not spread any further. Any prayers for Cathy are sure appreciated. God bless.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Prayers for all your dear family, Elizabeth x

Reinventing Mother said...

Prayers for all your family! I love all of Jane Karon's books. This last one was one of my favorites

karen said...

placing your family on my prayer list. May all be well!! Love the blanket and the colors work so well together. Take care :)

Jayne Marti said...

Prayers for good health for your family. The blanket looks lovely.

October Rose said...

Prayers! Glad to hear your uncle's surgery went well.